Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fresh prey for pedophile nuns and priests: Africa and Asia

Why are there so many catholics when almost all of them can tell a story of some type of abuse by nuns or priests?  I spoke with a man from Ghana about his childhood.  His village was poor and they were always hungry.  The only regular source of food – powdered milk, rice and beans – came from the local catholic church.  He said that of course his mother took him by the hand and brought him to the catholic church – as did all of the mothers in the village.  He was lucky; his family was able to come to the U.S. One of the first things his mother did was leave the catholic church and become a Methodist. He said, “we had no choice as children, we were led by the hand to the catholic church but it wasn’t what we wanted to do.”
Many people tell me that they were raised catholic but don’t practice today or are of a different faith. The catholic church is continuously losing members all over the world – except in Africa and Asia. Why? These are the countries where no one yet knows the truth about their pedophile ways – most villages don’t have internet connections.  The nuns and priests can find new victims among unsuspecting women and children. They want young people – new blood. In these Third World countries missionaries search for victims in isolated villages where no one will notice their unimaginable crimes or hear the cries of the victims.

The abusive treatment of children by the church is the longest that a criminal activity has been going on that is organized by a single institution. The catholic church invaded the United States, England, Australia, Ireland and every country across Europe. When they started getting caught and convicted they switched to Africa and Asia for fresh prey.   There are many of you who left the catholic church for your own reasons --- please let me know if you did and why so we can share this information with the world.  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The pope wore Prada: where our donations really go

Those of us who were abused by priests and nuns are not rich: we have disabilities and no or inadequate medical coverage. For sure we don’t have luxuries – but the pope (past and present) uses our donations for his enjoyment.

A photograph of the pope’s desk in his private library shows a gold lamp, a gold writing tray, a gold clock – all real gold. There a Grand piano in his private quarters. The pope is dressed in silk and gold embroidered clothing. He is well fed and pampered and protected.  He has the best medical and dental care. He sits on a golden throne. Are these the “good works” that the church professes to do with our money?

The previous pope was called the “Prada Pope” named after the maker of the expensive shoes he wore. The shoes cost $640 a pair, but the pope said he got them for free. What a poor excuse – he could have asked Prada to make a few dozen shoes for poor children or homeless people instead.  

Along with slippers made of red velvet or silk and heavily decorated in gold braid with a gold cross in the middle, the pope wears a mozzetta or cape: in the summer it is red satin; in the winter red velvet trimmed with white ermine fur; and at Easter it is white damask silk trimmed with white fur. The current pope has opted for plain dress in public, but what is he wearing behind closed Vatican doors? Do popes need gold, velvet, silk and ermine before they can talk to God?

As reported by ABC News (Phoebe Natanson, 3/15/12) pope benedict had the Italian celebrity perfume-maker Silvana Casoli, create a custom-made perfume scent for him alone. Did he smell to high heaven? We know there is something rotten about a religious organization that uses donations to ensure that they live well.

It takes a lot of money to run the vatican: electric, phone and heating bills, landscaping, laundry, toiletries, supplies, etc. The vatican gardens are 57 acres of flowers, trees, lush lawns, decorated with fountains and sculptures and surrounded by stone walls –how many gardeners do they pay? The vatican fertilizer bill must be really high and we pay it. For the pope and vatican clergy there are costs for medical and dental care, clothes and shoes, substantial meals, the security of a roof over their heads. What do the abused children and devastated adults have?

The pope has insurance of his personal safety: a personal Swiss Guard with 134 men.   They are armed with small arms and the traditional halberd -- a pike with an axe on it and are trained in body-guarding tactics. So we pay for the bodyguards of the pope and his cardinals -- but they don’t guard the children and protect them from being raped and beaten by priests and nuns. The new pope Francis is an expert on distraction – he doesn’t want us to think about how they are spending our donations or the $3 billion the church has already spent defending pedophile priests. We should demand accountability before we give them another penny.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pope Francis has private meeting with Italian soccer superstar Mario Balotelli but forgets about the children


So the pope has time to invite soccer teams to Rome and have a meeting with one of them. However, like pope benedict before him, he doesn’t have time to meet with members of organizations that want to protect children from rape and abuse by priests and nuns. Why doesn’t he talk with Barbara Blaine of SNAP (survivors network of those abused by priests) or other child advocate people?  He is giving everyone the usual bread and circuses while the children are abandoned to suffer and die.  When will the world realize that the catholic church cares only for itself and its image.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vatican grave sites sold to mobsters: what happened when the pope got caught?

Last time we talked about Vatican money-laundering and mentioned that a mobster was buried on Vatican property.  Enrico "Renatino" De Pedis a mobster was buried in the vatican’s basilica dell'Apollinare. The police thought that the missing girl (see 8/8/13 blog) or clues to her disappearance would be found in the tomb.  In May of 2012 CNN’s Barbie Latza Nadeau reported that the vatican allowed the mobster’s body to be exhumed. In the crypt, in addition to De Pedis' body, investigators found dozens of boxes of human bones.

The vatican would not explain why a mobster is buried in a vatican church but moved the body to a regular cemetery a month later. According to the article, De Pedis was gunned down in Rome in 1990 and his body was moved to the basilica before 1997. Either the vatican burial was part of a secret deal for a massive loan De Pedis made to the vatican or it was to protect his tomb from being desecrated by rival gang members. Since May 2012 there has been no news regarding the investigation of the human bones. The news just stopped dead.

Think before you take a trip to Rome and the Vatican.  The pope and all his followers have total legal immunity in Italy – the Italian government allows it.  So they can do anything they want: murder, torture, kidnap, detain you – there have been many disappearances and many unanswered questions.  More about Vatican relationships with organized crime and secret financial deals in the next blog.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Business criminals hiding behind God: the Vatican bank

So Pope Francis today has decreed that the Vatican's internal watchdog, the Financial Information Authority (FIA), will have increased powers of supervision over the Vatican bank and other Holy See departments involved in financial activities.  This is like having the wolves watch the sheep.

There have been so many instances of money laundering by the Vatican and other suspicious financial activities that self-policing is not the answer.

In 2010 the Christian Science Monitor investigated vatican money laundering. An American archbishop, paul marcinkus who was head of the bank then was charged as an accessory to fraudulent bankruptcy following the disappearance of $1.3 billion in loans to be given to institutions in South America. Money just disappears and they don’t have to open their accounting books to anyone.

Marcinkus was linked to another disappearance.  The Huffington Post, (4/14/12) reported on the unsolved case of Emanuela Orlandi who disappeared in 1983. Her father was a lay employee of the holy see. An anonymous caller told police that Emanuela was kidnapped on orders from Marcinkus, to keep her father Ercole Orlandi quiet.  It was thought that her body would be found in a church tomb but when it was opened but it wasn’t although a mobster was buried there (another blog topic to come). Ercole had stumbled upon sensitive documents that tied banker Roberto Calvi (later found hanged in 1982) to an organized crime syndicate.

Marcinkus was also indicted as an accessory in the $3.5-billion collapse of the vatican bank’s associated Banco Ambrosiano, Italy’s largest private bank, which was used to launder drug money for the Sicilia mafia while the holy see was the main shareholder. Banco Ambrosiano’s head, Roberto Calvi, had close ties with the holy see (the pope and his entourage) and was called “God’s Banker.”  Calvi’s murderer was never found. Marcinkus avoided trial because of diplomatic immunity.

Money laundering, murder and kidnapping.  This is only one example. There are so many more examples that I will have to continue them on the next blog.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Release of secret church files shows widespread abuse of children in Los Angeles

Hundreds of pages of secret church files were released yesterday by religious orders documenting that a dozen of their priests, brothers and nuns were accused of sexually abusing children while working in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Several dozen more files are expected to be released this Fall.  This is part of the wave of evidence that is sweeping over the country and around the world -- it is becoming a tsunami that will crush the walls of secrecy that the church has build around itself.  I am sure we will see many other cases where the church's crimes against children will be exposed for all to judge.