Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fresh prey for pedophile nuns and priests: Africa and Asia

Why are there so many catholics when almost all of them can tell a story of some type of abuse by nuns or priests?  I spoke with a man from Ghana about his childhood.  His village was poor and they were always hungry.  The only regular source of food – powdered milk, rice and beans – came from the local catholic church.  He said that of course his mother took him by the hand and brought him to the catholic church – as did all of the mothers in the village.  He was lucky; his family was able to come to the U.S. One of the first things his mother did was leave the catholic church and become a Methodist. He said, “we had no choice as children, we were led by the hand to the catholic church but it wasn’t what we wanted to do.”
Many people tell me that they were raised catholic but don’t practice today or are of a different faith. The catholic church is continuously losing members all over the world – except in Africa and Asia. Why? These are the countries where no one yet knows the truth about their pedophile ways – most villages don’t have internet connections.  The nuns and priests can find new victims among unsuspecting women and children. They want young people – new blood. In these Third World countries missionaries search for victims in isolated villages where no one will notice their unimaginable crimes or hear the cries of the victims.

The abusive treatment of children by the church is the longest that a criminal activity has been going on that is organized by a single institution. The catholic church invaded the United States, England, Australia, Ireland and every country across Europe. When they started getting caught and convicted they switched to Africa and Asia for fresh prey.   There are many of you who left the catholic church for your own reasons --- please let me know if you did and why so we can share this information with the world.