Friday, October 25, 2013

Leader of Poland’s Catholic Church blames children for being sexually abused by priests

Archbishop Jozef Michalik of Poland said that a child from a troubled family "seeks closeness with others and may get lost and may get the other person involved, too."  This is the mindset of the catholic hierarchy and it is not the first time the children have been blamed. How can we stop these crimes when their minds are warped?

Of course when there was an outcry from citizens and prominent politicians expressing outrage Michalik said he was misunderstood and apologized. According to reporters, Michalik had supported a parish priest convicted in 2004 of child sex abuse. One of the priest's victims said she was horrified by Michalik's latest remarks. "Archbishop Michalik's words make us feel fear and revulsion," Ewa Orlowska said.

Poland's church has been hiding cases of sex abuse since 2001. Some 27 Polish priests have been tried for sex abuse since 2001, but most of them had their prison terms suspended. Can victims get justice in Poland where there is no need to report priests to state investigators?

Over and over we hear a familiar cry from the church's defenders. They say that priests are being singled out for blame while teachers and sports coaches also sexually abuse children. Do they realize that statement is basically an admission that they are pedophiles? They are saying, “We do it but so does everyone else” – does that make it less of a crime?

The catholic clergy are experts at denial and lies. Dominican Republic investigators recently accused two Polish clergymen of child sex abuse: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, the Vatican's ambassador who was then removed by the vatican, and Rev. Wojciech Gil, a parish priest. Gil denied sexually abusing children and said that the Dominican drug mafia was taking revenge on him for his educational work.

Do all these child molesters think that we are naive and out of touch with reality? Do they ignore the growing global network that now watches every move they make? They are on a slippery slope that can only lead down to where they belong.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Iran and Iraq and other high risk countries have accounts in the Vatican Bank

In the September 9th  blog (below) I explained how the Vatican bank was laundering money and having dealings with criminals and other suspicious characters.  Now, we get more information from Reuters reporters that the scandals in the Vatican books are even worse than expected.

The Vatican bank is supposed to hold accounts only for organizations and individuals related to the catholic church or Vatican City. But there are accounts that should never have been opened: those of foreign embassies such as Iran, Iraq and Indonesia who regularly make large cash deposits and withdrawals. When the embassies of these high risk countries were questioned, they had vague explanation about why they were doing such transactions. In one case, a large cash withdrawal was said to be for "refurbishment" -- is that another name for supporting terrorists?

Iran, Iraq and Indonesia are classified by international institutions and governance bodies as countries at high risk of financial crimes. The Iranian and Iraqi embassies to the Vatican said they had no comment on the cash movements or the concerns raised by regulators. The Vatican bank also had no clear explanations.   I think these discoveries are only the tip of the iceberg – how many other “high risk” countries are involved with the Vatican bank and its political schemes?


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Suffering and pain is an art form for the vatican

I was recently in an art museum that had an exhibit by artists that were commissioned (paid) to create art work by the vatican. Looking at a large number of paintings there seemed to be a common theme: people suffering.
In countries where the vatican did not support artists, the paintings showed people doing everyday things like baking bread, sewing and tending sheep.  Why was there so much suffering and punishment in the church-directed paintings?  It’s because the church wants to frighten everyone – children and adults. Then they can more easily rape and abuse the children and rob the adults.

They were arrogant enough to write down what they did. In 1578 the church’s Inquisitors Handbook stated that punishment is not designed to correct the behavior of the person being punished – it is done in public so others “may become terrified.” Nuns and clergy with the pope’s “blessing” made examples of children, beating them in front of other children so that they are all terrified. A terrified child will submit more easily to further abuse. Worship of God should be joyful and make people happy.  The vatican hides behind God to further its own interests:  the use of children for their perversions and the misuse of donations from the faithful.  Let’s terrify the church by exposing the criminals and bringing them to justice.