Thursday, October 10, 2013

Suffering and pain is an art form for the vatican

I was recently in an art museum that had an exhibit by artists that were commissioned (paid) to create art work by the vatican. Looking at a large number of paintings there seemed to be a common theme: people suffering.
In countries where the vatican did not support artists, the paintings showed people doing everyday things like baking bread, sewing and tending sheep.  Why was there so much suffering and punishment in the church-directed paintings?  It’s because the church wants to frighten everyone – children and adults. Then they can more easily rape and abuse the children and rob the adults.

They were arrogant enough to write down what they did. In 1578 the church’s Inquisitors Handbook stated that punishment is not designed to correct the behavior of the person being punished – it is done in public so others “may become terrified.” Nuns and clergy with the pope’s “blessing” made examples of children, beating them in front of other children so that they are all terrified. A terrified child will submit more easily to further abuse. Worship of God should be joyful and make people happy.  The vatican hides behind God to further its own interests:  the use of children for their perversions and the misuse of donations from the faithful.  Let’s terrify the church by exposing the criminals and bringing them to justice.