Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jesuit-run Indian Residential Schools: Pope Francis tell us about the American Indian Holocaust

Why has the catholic church abused so many children -- including Native American and African children -- for so many years? Because church laws state that the church has the right to do so.  In 1493, Pope Alexander VI issued the Inter Caetera:  orders that instructed Europeans to "civilize" every "savage" they encountered.  In this document, the pope said that "barbarous nations [should] be subjugated and brought to the faith itself," "for the spread of the Christian Empire." This wasn’t the first crusading Vatican decree – an earlier one called for "perpetual slavery" of Africans, by capturing, vanquishing, and subduing them, and by taking away all their possessions and property.

The Inter Caetera decree helped shape U.S. Indian law. In an 1823 Supreme Court dispute over land, Justice Joseph Story used in his ruling the doctrine of subjugation found in the Inter Caetera decree.  Basically it said that a European power owns the land it discovers and can extinguish the "right of occupancy" of the native occupants. Also, when they declared independence from Great Britain, the United States government inherited the British right of taking over Native American lands. To this day, this Supreme Court ruling, with its distinction between "Christian people" and "natives, who were heathens," remains in practice in the United States violating the human rights of American Indian nations and its peoples.

The result of this decree was an American Indian Holocaust:  genocide of over 100,000,000 Native American people in just a few hundred years. If the laws don’t protect the Native Americans (in Canada and the U.S.) and children in many other countries, who does?  One answer to this question is: Kevin Annett. He cares about all abused children, yours and mine all over the world.

Kevin Annett was ordained as a clergyman into the United Church of Canada. Contact with Native American parishioners alerted him to the horrendous abuse and murder of children in Canadian Indian Residential Schools – run by the United Church and many by the Catholic Church Jesuits. These Jesuit-run schools were also located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.  After starting the first public inquiry into the cause of death of native children in the schools -- and the theft of native land by the United Church -- he was expelled from the ministry. He went on to film the Award winning documentary (Unrepentant, 2007), the story of the abuse and murder of Indian children. He was instrumental in getting the Canadian government to apologize for what was done in the Indian Residential schools and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013.

Will Pope Francis help these abused peoples?  Will he repeal the Inter Caetera and cancel church orders that allow genocide for the purpose of grabbing land?  I don’t think so – but Kevin Annett and his supporters in countries all over the world will make sure that Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior Adolfo Pachon and Church of England Archbishop Justin Welby all take notice.



  1. George,
    have you read this book ?
    This to me is another slap in the face to all victims"

    Hidden Heist in the Holy See? SECRET BIGGEST HEIST in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth?!

    Pope Francis the CON Christ.

    Updated March 19, 2014

    Paris Arrow

    According to the book – The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan – subtitle “Two Thousand Years of Wealth Accumulation from Caesar to the Space Age” : "The Vatican has large investments with the Roths childs of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others. The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc. At a conservative estimate, these amount to more than 500 million dollars in the U.S.A. alone" (NB. this book was written in 1983).

    Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:01 PM

    Also you can Google; how our own Government is giving the Vatican $2.9 billion dollars,
    and yet the victims can't get our Government" Dept. of justice to help all victims of the Catholic abuse.

  2. As it says, the book The Vatican Billions was written in 1983. I did write about some of the Vatican's financial dealings in my book (Smothered) but it would be interesting to find out what their finances are today. I know that they have numerous real estate holdings, many of which are not used for church purposes but are income-producing commercial buildings and fancy homes for retired clergy (see post 2/22/14). They don't pay taxes on their non-church holdings either. Thanks for your comment and information.

  3. There has always been something VERY wrong with the treatment of children in Catholic Schools in the late 40's and 50's. ---- Having attended Catholic Elementary School in NYC, I was witness to many physical and psychological abuses by the Sister of Charity. --- The goal of the Sisters was to break the spirit of the young person, and make them loyal Catholic Robots so as they moved into the adult world, they would support the Catholic Church with children and their money. ----- Catholic Schools were never about a high quality academic education, but rather, it was all about a high quality indoctrination into a very sick form of the Christian Religion. The Catholic Church, through their schools, have destroyed a large number of children. They have robbed the human being of the opportunity to discover their greatness. They fostered a large amount of unnecessary guilt on the individual, so that the Church could control the individual for the rest of their lives. I was educated in Catholic Schools for twelve years, and it has taken me a lifetime to undue the psychological damage. The clergy of the Catholic Church are not to be trusted around children. They always have a hidden agenda when dealing with both children and adults. There is a BIG difference between a high quality private school academic education, and a Catholic School Education. The Catholic Church would like parents to believe that a Catholic Education is a high quality academic education. This is simply not true. The Catholic Church wants to control the membership, and they will do anything in their power to achieve this goal. The end justifies the means. For your own well being, and the well being of your children stay far away from the Catholic Church, Catholic Schools and Catholic Clergy. Find a Christian Bible Based church with a positive minister and enjoy the Christian Religion without the rules and regulations of the Catholic Church.

    1. I agree with your warning to parents to keep their children away from anything catholic. As long as the church continues to cover up and promote child abuse our children are in harm's way. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  4. I saw a tee-shirt a long time ago" It had written on it; ( I survived Catholic School ) I have to say with my Catholic experience" as a victim" you never survive Catholic School " or the Catholic Religion. As I see It" my great grandparents" my grandparents" my parents ; all drank the Catholic cool-aid, ( brain washing ) and passed it on to me and my siblings, but really" when brain washing is involved to me; its more of a cult " but then again what I see and hear out of the middle east" they are telling us that all religions;" are of brain washing, take the wars over there" they always bring up that their God " told them to, so really " you have to ask yourself " with the brain washing in all religions " is religion a cult ?
    & you are right;" They have robbed the human being of the opportunity to discover their greatness;" with their brain washing & their sex abuse" it robs the person of their" LIFE !
    As a catholic" they raped me of my life" my family life. The Catholic religion ruins, destroys lives.

    1. I agree that religion is what ruins the natural relationship that we have with God. When people set up rituals and self-serving rules as religion does, it separates us from worshipping God by ourselves and that is exactly what religion is designed to do. The religious "middlemen" profit by trying to convince us that we have to buy a ticket to heaven from them. They also get access to the children. What you are doing and what others do by sharing the experiences of religious abuse is the key to destroying the abusers. They can't stand the exposure and they are realizing how many here are of us and that we are uniting to bring them down.

    2. You never survive the Catholic School Experience! ----- There is not a day that I do not think back to my Catholic School days, and what was done to me by the "SICK" Sisters of Charity, and their distorted way of thinking and presenting the Christian Religion. ---- Negative memories are charged with emotion, and that is why human beings never forget those experiences. ----- A couple of years ago, I was in New York City, and I tried to get into my old Catholic Elementary School. ---- The building is still there, but it is being used for other purposes. I felt that "if" I could stand in the old classrooms, (where the issues took place), I could put some of the demons to rest, but I was not able to have that experience. ----- The security guard, at the lobby of the building, told me that they get many request to do what I wanted to do, and they cannot allow that to happen. This tells me that there are people out there with a lot of unfinished business that needs to be recognized and put to rest. ----- If I could have stood in the place, and explained what the nun did to me to my wife, I believe that I could have purged it from my life. I needed to relive the experience "on site" to see it for what is was, and is, in my memory! I can still remember the physical and mental abuse that I received, and also witness being done to other students. The nuns took pleasure in destroying the self-esteem of young people. They wanted to mold them into Catholic Robots who could be directed without asking questions. I have family members who were educated in Catholic Schools who are still totally brain washed. They will not make a major move in their life without first checking it out with the priests. I think that they have a priest on "speed dial!" ----- I, on the other hand, make it a point to stay far away from both Catholic Priests and Nuns. I never met a priest of nun that I LIKED! They all have a hidden agendas. ----- The Catholic Church is built on the control of the individual, total negativity, and a lack of respect for the membership. The Catholic Church uses the faithful only for financial support. They could care less about the faithful. The people just represent a well of money to be drawn upon as needed. They would like you to believe that by giving to the Catholic Church you can purchase your way into heaven. If you want a happy / successful / enjoyable life stay far away from the Catholic Church, the Catholic Priests and the Catholic Nuns. -----

    3. I wanted to do the same as you" I wanted to go back to St. Paul School in Wilmington, Delaware, to see if I can remember all of what Fr. Thomas Hanley did to me & for how long, I can only get to a certain point and then my mind blacks out on the rest of it. Also" I would like to go to the police; so they can go with me to Dover, Delaware" where I would like to make a citizens arrest on Fr. Thomas Hanley" the number one Demon:

    4. Sometimes it is VERY important to be able to go back, and revisit "key places" in our memory to see if we are remembering things as they were. ---- When is comes to buildings, sometimes "smells" can trigger memories, and this is very true with regards to school buildings. ----- About two years ago my wife and I returned to our old Catholic High School Building that is no longer being used as a high school. As I toured the building, a slid show of events came rushing back into my memory, some positive and some very negative. ----- I had a story for most every room in the building. ----- It is very sad that the Catholic Clergy had so little respect for the children under their care. Did they think that we would not remember the physical and mental abuse? Now that we are adults, do they think that we will support them financially after they treated us in such a shabby fashion? ----- You see, in life what goes around does come around. The Catholic Clergy does not have a grasp of this most basic concept. They are, and have been, the most arrogant people of the Christian Religion. They are more than happy to tell you and I how to live, but they have a VERY hard time living up to the Christian Values that they preach. --- Religion is not what a person does on Sunday, it is all about how they treat their fellow man seven days a week! I enjoy listening to the Christian Ministers on Sunday Morning TV! They speak about possibilities and a partnership with God. If God made us in his image and likeness, then he did not make junk, so their is no reason why a Catholic Priest and Nun should be putting a child down! ---- Just my opinion.

  5. George Barilla: We aren't bringing them down" & we haven't brought them down; " because they have brought themselves down with there evil ways;" ( abuse on children ) What the victims are trying to do'' is to bring them out to the public eye" so the ones who aren't victims can see the ( rapist faces ) which is long over due " still till this day there are so many that can't bring themselves to believe that Catholic Priest & Nun's are capable of raping, abusing Children.
    Victims" we can sit at home or wherever an write on facebook, twitter, Snapnetwork, how the Catholic Priest and Nun's have abused us " the only problem is" we have been writing for years , and still the abuse goes on" with our government giving money to the Vatican" still.
    It's as though our own government doesn't believe that the Nun's & Priest are hurting Children
    I do believe that Obama/Biden" will believe if they see hundreds or thousands of faces of abuse children, adults in Washington" so they can't turn a blind eye.
    No matter how it will hurt a lot of us "( Victims ) I think it's time we showed our faces because we haven't gotten to far with writing" This is my belief " it's time to try something NEW" let them see our faces, the pain in our eye's and know the pain in our hearts.

    1. It's true that what goes around comes around and the church is surely convicting themselves. Everything we do is making it happen sooner: writing, creating petitions, blogging on sites like SNAP and this blog, adding comments to online news articles about their latest dirty doings. Everyone is brave and deserves credit for their part. I would like to see thousands of us confront the governments in the U.S. and in every country. I always thought that if all of the people and organizations that are fighting for abused children got together there would be more power to throw against them. If you look at the work of Kevin Annett (mentioned above), he is trying to do just what you say: get people all over and in every country to demonstrate and protest and make citizen's arrests of the perpetrators. The job we have to do is not easy because governments and companies are in the pocket of the church but we are making a difference and we will win. Please keep sharing your thoughts.

    2. George Barilla, The demonstration here in the United States, are very few" far an in between. I think this is the time for all of the victims to get up" get out and go protest to get our message out to ,Our Government who is helping to protect these Priest & Nuns and this is a fact" The Government could of abolished the Statute of limitation" all together many years back" if they would of taken the time to understand the victims; but for a fact" look ( how many years ) that our Government has known about the Catholic Priest & Nuns" raping, abusing children, and the victims can't even get our Government to see them as registered sex offenders ? I know" I heard Washington" they say that they don't mix politics an religion" yeah right "ok then why does Our Government give $2.9billion dollars to the Vatican. Anyway" I hope that we can all ( victims ) get together and go to Washington to demonstrate" it's is really long over due ? maybe we can get Kevin Annett to help with it ? I live in NC.

    3. There are groups who do get out there and demonstrate. For example, SNAP(Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) and what they do gets into the news. The Boston Globe wrote about SNAP protesting outside a church in Boston every Sunday for the past 12 years. Kevin Annett is leading protests all over the world. If all of us help these groups when they have local protests it will get national and international attention. We can keep the spotlight constantly on the church's wrongdoings. We can all write to politicians who depend on our votes to get elected. We'll get there to Washington by people like you who care.

  6. Catholic Schools are NOT about educating children, but rather, they are all about indoctrinating children into the Catholic Philosophy of life, which is NOT in the best interest of the individual. ------- To be a success in life, the individual must follow a "success formula" on a daily basis. ---- The Catholic Schools would never teach this formula to the students in attendance, because the Church DOES NOT WANT independent thinking young people. ---- The Church wants to control the thinking of the young person 24 / 7 / 365.

    Here are some interesting concepts for your consideration.

    Successful people:

    1.) Dream BIG dreams! ---- They believe in themselves, and they believe that they have the talents, skills an abilities to be successful. ----- They think that they are "OK!"
    2.) Do what they love to do within their life. ---- They take the time to discover their greatness. ---- They are positive thinkers.
    3.) Focus on their goals, and they use their talents, skills and abilities to achieve their self-designed goals.
    4.) See themselves as a winner 24 / 7 / 365.
    5.) Believe in themselves, and in their ability to be successful. ----- They never give up on themselves and on their goals.
    6.) Never consider the possibility of failure.
    7.) Work hard and smart in the direction of they self-designed goals using 100% of their talents, skills and abilities in a focused / organized manner.
    8.) Have a clear sense of direction for their education and their life.
    9.) Are their own teacher.
    10.) Are resilient. They are able to bounce back from failure.
    11.) Are able to unlock their creativity on the road to their success.
    12.) Are optimistic about their educational achievements and their life.
    13.) Are focused on personal development.
    14.) Are optimistic about life.
    15.) Have a dependable reputation in both their personal and educational life.
    16.) Are decisive with regards to their daily actions.
    17.) Are self-disciplined with regards to their education.
    18.) Concentrate on one thing at a time, and in the process, do it well.
    19.) Follow their own unique path to earn a high quality education.
    20.) Work on their goals 24 / 7 / 365, using a plan of action & 100% of their talents, skills and abilities.
    21.) Dare to be different with regards to earning a high quality education.
    22.) Take charge of their own educational life, and make things happen by design.

    Catholic Schools will never teach these skills, because these skills put the young person in charge of their own future. This enables independent thinking and problem solving. It makes the individual responsible for their own future. It puts the individual in charge of their own destiny. Catholic Schools create dependent people not independent people.

  7. You are right" dependent " on all the Catholic's to continue to drink the Catholic Kool-Aid ;"

  8. To all of you who have been victimized by the Institution of the Roman Catholic Church and its minions, the means to find healing and peace is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He will never leave or forsake you nor abuse you. He is there waiting to offer you comfort and healing, and even more, eternal life. You do not have to pay dues or tithes, all you have to do is give him your heart, and he will show you how to put this all behind you. It is important to expose the institution of the Church and those who use it as a cloak of maliciousness to abuse children and keep people enslaved. Power is a very addictive and seductive force, and they have been wielding it for centuries. But do not take on those qualities in your search for reconciliation or restitution. The real deliverance comes in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, apart from institutional churches. I wish you all the true liberty of deliverance from your scars. Stay away from the Kool-Aid it is toxic.