Friday, April 11, 2014

Pope Francis asks our forgiveness for what rapist priests did to us: what about the rest of the church criminals?

Forgive what the priests did? What about the rest of the catholic church: the nuns who beat, tortured, sexually abused and murdered children, the bishops who covered up, the cardinals who looked the other way, the pope himself and all the popes before him who knew all of this was going on -- how about admitting that the whole church is rotten?

We don’t forgive them – we hold them responsible for their crimes and say: “Root out the rest who are still committing crimes against children, against humanity.” If Francis really took on all of the evil in the catholic church, including his own evil he would sink right down to hell faster.

Do these victims want the pope to ask their forgiveness? We don’t want forgiveness, we want justice. We want to see the criminals where they belong – in jail. We want it done now, not after another committee sits and talks about it for another decade or centuries like the church has been doing. We want assurance that no more children will lose their childhood, their hopes and dreams for a good life, their health and their sanity or their lives.

Will the pope impose “sanctions” like those given for the past 2000 years: “defrocking” (as if that stops them from raping more children), sending them for psychiatric care when there is no cure for serial child rapists, moving them to the next unsuspecting parish, giving them “desk” jobs while they still walk freely among the children --- none of these “sanctions” have ever made a difference and the children continue to be sacrificed.

Francis said, “"The church is aware of this damage, it is personal, moral damage carried out by men of the church, and we will not take one step backward…” – the church has been aware of “this damage” for 2000 years and with a track record of never having done anything don’t bet that they will change. Sure, they might not take a “step backward” – they will just spin their wheels in place as they have always done.

Francis said, “…you cannot interfere with children.” Are rape, torture and murder “interfering” with children or is it genocide? Show some integrity Francis, some backbone and admit what really happens to children!

Barbara Dorris, outreach director for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) says it is all talk so far and commented: "We beg the world's Catholics: Be impressed by deeds, not words. Until the Pope takes decisive action that protects kids, be skeptical and vigilant." We are waiting.


  1. The Catholic Church has no intention to give justice to the abused individuals that suffered in Catholic Schools and Catholic Institutions. The Catholic Clergy were educated to dominate the faithful and their children. We were considered their slaves, and they were our masters. As people, we never had any rights in Catholic Schools, Catholic Institutions and Catholic Churches. We were there to "follow the rules" and give our money to the church because the clergy new what God wanted, and we needed to follow them blindly. This recent action on the part of the Pope is just a carry over of the old Catholic Philosophy that states that the Catholic Clergy can "put on a humble face," and get the faithful to buy into any story that is offered. This concept might have worked in the 50's but in 2014 we want justice. I was physically and mentally abused by the Catholic Church and the Catholic Nuns, and I want justice. I DO NOT want an apology. In order for those of us who were abused to get justice we need the cooperation of the "faithful" of the Catholic Church. The time for "lip service is over!" The "faithful" is either going to be part of the solution to the problem, or they are going to be part of the "on-going problem" that is not going to go away! Those of us who were abused by the nuns and priests are here to stay, and we are going to be a thorn in the side of the Catholic Church until they deal with us in a mature / adult / professional manner! The "faithful of the Catholic Church" must become the force behind the movement to get justice from the Pope! At this point in time, the Pope is only giving "lip service" to the problem, because he is listening to the clever "spin doctors" who are advising him! These advisors are out of touch with reality. They think that the people are uneducated, and as such, they will believe anything that the Pope declares! The Pope believes that the faithful are gullible, and as such, cannot see through his charade! The Pope and his band of merry men and women are weaving a good fairytale hoping that the abused people and the faithful will buy into the fake / phony / and fraudulent concern for the individuals. If you believe this, them you also have to believe that "Hitler" was sorry that he killed the Jews in the concentration camps. A leopard does not change it's spots. The Catholic Church has been an abusive institution since it's inception, but it hides behind a curtain of concern. The abuse that the Catholic Church perpetrated on children was both physical and psychological in nature. There are many former Catholic School Students who are suffering from a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and they have never been in the military. They think about what transpired in Catholic Schools and Catholic Institutions daily even though they are now adults. Some of these people are on medication to deal with these on-going problems, but does the Catholic Church care? ----- NO! ---- They simply offer an apology! The Catholic Schools and Catholic Institutions were breeding grounds for negative Catholic indoctrination hiding behind the label of a high quality academic education. They instilled a distorted way of thinking and reasoning into young people, and when the clergy encountered resistance they resorted to physical violence and psychological manipulation to get their distorted way! ----- The Catholic Clergy should not be allowed around children. If the faithful really wanted to put this problem to rest they need to force the Pope to take real action to solve the problem. The only way to get the Pope's attention, and the attention of the Bishops and Cardinals is to withhold money from the church. ------- Just my opinion. ----- God bless.

  2. I don’t want their apology either unless it’s from jail and from all of the perpetrators and enablers in the church. Talk is cheap. For them to ever do something to protect the children it will take a miracle. You are right on track when you say don’t support them financially.

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