Sunday, December 29, 2013

Will Pope Francis stick to his guns or to pillows?

The New York Times commented that after decades of vatican indifference and evasion, Pope Francis has created a commission to study the rape and intimidation of schoolchildren by priests. The new commission, “long overdue”, says the Times, will come up with specific recommendations for firmer safeguarding of schoolchildren and better training of catholic priests.  Francis had to do something after vatican officials refused to answer the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child on how the church handled the scandal – the church of course had blamed the bishops and local criminal justice authorities.

The vatican has created commissions before to look at child abuse by clergy, but so far they have only tried to cover up or protect their criminals.  One study panel created more than a decade ago reported on the abuse of schoolchildren in the U.S., a scandal in which 700 priests had to be dismissed in a three-year period. Although they recommend that "there must be consequences" for church leaders who shielded offending priests there was no way decided on how to make powerful diocesan offenders accountable so only a few leaders faced criminal investigation.
This latest attempt offers no assurance to parents that Francis will order greater accountability from those who covered up criminal abuse of children. It is also missing the rest of the iceberg:  the abuse that took or takes place in catholic “homes” for orphaned and  neglected children – most of it done by nuns. And they did more than just rape and beat children.  The Dominican nuns at St. Agnes Home in Sparkill, NY smothered me and put me in a coma. Gilbert Bonneau was also smothered (with a witness) with a pillow like I was -- by a nun at St. Colman’s home in Watervliet, NY. He was in a coma and died. See post of July 30, 2013: Catholic nuns do more than abuse children: they murder them. But I lived.

The reason I lived is to share this information with you and with everyone. Gilbert’s family is still fighting.  His brother Bill recently said to me: “Keep up the fight (George) you are doing a great job exposing the Evil Catholic Church and their phony Priest, Nuns, Brothers Etc. People are catching on. They did a job on you and the Nuns killed my brother, I will keep on fighting until my last breath to get justice for Gilbert. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Hang in there. Bill”   Like Bill, we need to keep revealing the truth to the world so they won’t forget Gilbert and the thousands like him who died in silence.