Saturday, February 6, 2016

#Spotlight is just the beginning of the end for the #CatholicChurch

On Friday, February 5th, TV news station WCVB.TV in Boston aired the first part of an  rendering by investigative reporter Mike Beaudet on the treatment of survivors of Catholic Church clergy/nun abuse.    The Church says it is helping survivors by paying for psychotherapy – it makes them look good.  But just like the statements that all children are now safe from clergy pedophiles – helping survivors is another cover up. 

Survivors, many of who are suicidal, or alcohol/drug addicted are made to go through a process that makes them victims all over again.  Survivors have to go to the Diocese “outreach” office – a place where priests and their lawyers walk the hallways, where their black autos fill the parking lot, where reminders of who the abusers are hit you wherever you look and walk.  Then survivors have to re-tell their horrific stories of the abuse to lay person intake clerks who are more concerned with filling out forms than caring about what happened.  Then, the survivor has to wait for weeks or longer to find out if they are approved for therapy by the perpetrators who are the cause of the need for this therapy.

Many get turned away because the requirements for approval are purposely made difficult to get, especially by survivors who are suffering every minute of the day.  Having to remember names of abusers, dates, and places is often too traumatic for a survivor to endure.  Some get approval for psychotherapy but often it is too little too late.  Once a week may be approved when a survivor who, for the first time has talked about the abuse and needs therapy more often. The approval has to be given every year and this holds a sword over the heads of survivors who worry they will be cut off.

Years ago, in Boston, the Attorney General recommended that there be an independent survivors review board but the church ignored it – because they can.  They have enough money (taken from parishioners) to pay high priced lawyers and lobbyists to stonewall the authorities and change laws.

Look at the video and listen to the survivors – there is an overwhelming amount of evidence of yet another church coverup and much material for the next “Spotlight” movie.