Sunday, July 7, 2013

Child abuse by the catholic church

There have been 2000 years of child abuse by the catholic church. Crimes against children by pedophile priests and nuns will continue until we take action.

The catholic church was and still is abusing children with one hand and covering it up with the other hand. I know about the abuse because I was one of the victims of their violence that left me permanently brain damaged. For years I suffered and silently dealt with the pain. With the help of my wife I was finally able to put the pain into words. We need to talk about this abuse of children and the adults they became. We need to help each other and do whatever is needed to STOP the evil abusers.   

Speaking out is the best weapon we have against an organization that:
Gets away with murder and rape of children including the deaf and autistic

Receives donations, tax breaks, and legal immunity worldwide while running businesses for profit, paying no taxes and declaring bankruptcy when convenient

Launders money, hides income, “loses” $1.3 billion in donations meant for Third World countries.

Uses your donations to defend and bail out convicted pedophile priests

Sends priests and nuns to comfortable retirement homes and vacations at a beachfront home worth $6.2 million and popes to a palace on a lake in Italy.

Has vatican staff, including priests that are part of a prostitution ring. (link available if interested)
The catholic church does many other devious, criminal acts.  The worst thing it does, however is to:

Hide behind God to deceive us.

Please send me your thoughts and ideas.