Sunday, March 13, 2016

Send a #clergysexabuse survivor to the SNAP Conference

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Every year survivors of sexual, psychological and physical abuse by catholic priests and nuns, by clergy of all denominations and by abusers from other organizations meet at the annual SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priest) conference.  At the conference, survivors can meet, talk, attend lectures and hear about progress in stopping the abuse and bringing justice to the survivors.

One of these survivors, Dave O’Regan, the New England SNAP Director is making a special endeavor to help raise money for survivors who need help to attend the conference.  In Dave’s words:

“I am very happy to announce today a very ambitious goal I set for myself to help raise funds for survivors of clergy sexual abuse attend the SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priest) Annual Conference in Chicago June 24-26. I am training for and have registered to run in the Worcester 5k Road Race in Worcester, MA on June 19. My daughter Maureen has teamed up with me to form Massachusetts Team SNAP. We will both be asking for funds from friends, relatives, constituents, and all our contacts to help us achieve our goal of raising $12,500.

This year I was pleased to learn that a kind and generous donor is matching donations to SNAP Scholarships up to $12,500. This means that SNAP will have $25,000 to help survivors attend. I am so appreciative and want to do my very best to help survivors in financial need here in Massachusetts and across the country attend.   

 Everyone has been so kind in the past helping me achieve this goal the last few years and this year there is a greater need with “Spotlight”, the movie. More survivors memories are being triggered and they are coming forward for the very first time and are in need of all the support we can give. The Annual Conference offers workshops, prominent speakers, validation, friendships, and a pathway to healing from the deep wounds of abuse.”

The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Investigation in 2002 caused Dave to remember and relive his abuse and suffer PTSD. He considered taking his own life. Then he found and attended a SNAP support group. He learned from other brave survivors sharing their painful stories that he was not alone and they gave him the courage to, for the first time, articulate and speak of his painful past. Dave couldn’t afford to go the SNAP Annual Conference but funding was available so he went and it was a life changing experience for him, helping him to heal and get grounded again.

Dave gives back by helping other survivors – that is what he did for me. I found Dave, and SNAP and no longer feel alone with my pain. Now I am paying forward, helping by writing this blog for survivors and those in danger of being abused.  Dave says,

“I have a deep desire to help other hurting survivors attend and experience the healing opportunity I found attending my first conference.”

Please help a survivor. You can make a tax deductible donation through this link:  

 If you are a survivor in need of help to attend please follow this link: 

Contact information for Dave O’Regan, New England SNAP Director

Phone: 434.446.6769