Sunday, December 29, 2013

Will Pope Francis stick to his guns or to pillows?

The New York Times commented that after decades of vatican indifference and evasion, Pope Francis has created a commission to study the rape and intimidation of schoolchildren by priests. The new commission, “long overdue”, says the Times, will come up with specific recommendations for firmer safeguarding of schoolchildren and better training of catholic priests.  Francis had to do something after vatican officials refused to answer the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child on how the church handled the scandal – the church of course had blamed the bishops and local criminal justice authorities.

The vatican has created commissions before to look at child abuse by clergy, but so far they have only tried to cover up or protect their criminals.  One study panel created more than a decade ago reported on the abuse of schoolchildren in the U.S., a scandal in which 700 priests had to be dismissed in a three-year period. Although they recommend that "there must be consequences" for church leaders who shielded offending priests there was no way decided on how to make powerful diocesan offenders accountable so only a few leaders faced criminal investigation.
This latest attempt offers no assurance to parents that Francis will order greater accountability from those who covered up criminal abuse of children. It is also missing the rest of the iceberg:  the abuse that took or takes place in catholic “homes” for orphaned and  neglected children – most of it done by nuns. And they did more than just rape and beat children.  The Dominican nuns at St. Agnes Home in Sparkill, NY smothered me and put me in a coma. Gilbert Bonneau was also smothered (with a witness) with a pillow like I was -- by a nun at St. Colman’s home in Watervliet, NY. He was in a coma and died. See post of July 30, 2013: Catholic nuns do more than abuse children: they murder them. But I lived.

The reason I lived is to share this information with you and with everyone. Gilbert’s family is still fighting.  His brother Bill recently said to me: “Keep up the fight (George) you are doing a great job exposing the Evil Catholic Church and their phony Priest, Nuns, Brothers Etc. People are catching on. They did a job on you and the Nuns killed my brother, I will keep on fighting until my last breath to get justice for Gilbert. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Hang in there. Bill”   Like Bill, we need to keep revealing the truth to the world so they won’t forget Gilbert and the thousands like him who died in silence.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas card from Dominican Nuns to their victims: what the Pope doesn’t want you to know.

I received a card of Christmas Blessings: the Dominican nuns at Sparkill, NY are praying for children who lived at the St. Agnes Home.  They say living at the home deepened our faith in God.  I lived at the home when I was 3 and a half years old. They beat me every day and when I was too damaged to respond, one of them smothered me with a pillow. I was in a coma for almost a year.  Yes, living there deepened my faith in God because I lived. The power of God was stronger than their murderous hands.  
Let them pray for their sins and the sins of the pope and the rest of his henchmen who allowed and covered up widespread child abuse by nuns and clergy.  Do they send the cards to remind us of what they did? Do they think we will donate to support their evil habits? We can better use our resources to stop the church’s continued abuse of children around the world.  We can work together to stop them.  We need a reckoning.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pope Francis in good company with Hitler, Stalin, Khrushchev and the Ayatollah Khomeini

So Pope Francis made the cover of Time magazine.  As Jeff Schweitzer says in his Huffington Post article (see link), so did Adolf Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin twice (1939 and 1942), Nikita Khrushchev (1957), and Ayatollah Khomeini (1979).  It is time that everyone realizes what Mr. Schweitzer is saying –that Pope Francis has been giving us circuses (without the bread) and cares more for his image than the lives of people who suffer worldwide.  His continued support of pedophile priests rubs salt into the wounds of those of us, like myself, who were victims of rapist priests and abusive nuns.  I try my best to get the message to you the readers of my blog.  As survivors, we need journalists like Mr. Schweitzer to open the eyes of those blinded by photo ops and magazine covers.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vatican eats cake and dodges United Nations Child Sex Abuse Questions

With so much practice dodging questions about who in the catholic church is responsible for sexually abusing children it was easy for the vatican to do it again. On Tuesday the vatican dodged questions from a United Nations committee on clerical sexual abuse. The Associated Press reporter Nicole Winfield who has followed vatican escapades in the past said that this time the Holy See claimed that it doesn’t control the actions of every Catholic in the world, and every Catholic priest, parish or school. They said that local bishops are ultimately responsible for keeping children safe from pedophile priests.

But the vatican flip flops:  whichever statement fits the purpose of the day is what you hear. In 2001, the vatican took over handling of abuse cases because it said that bishops were failing to do their jobs. Now they are back to insisting that the ultimate responsibility still lies with the bishops. But if the vatican doesn’t control them why does it fire bishops – at least some bishops: In July 2012 (Winfield, AP), the previous pope fired a Slovak bishop for mismanaging his diocese and other bishops in Australia the Congo and Italy who wanted the church to ordain women and married men. But would he fire bishops who covered up for sexually abusive priests asked Winfield?  We don’t see that happening.

Even while defending itself against lawsuits and accusations that it was church policies and a culture of secrecy that allowed thousands of children to be abused by priests over decades the vatican is still claiming that they were not to blame.

We can see how much they are not concerned about protecting children: the UN in 1989 implemented the Convention of the Rights of the Child, the main UN treaty guaranteeing a full range of human rights for children.  It wasn’t until 1990 that the Holy See endorsed the convention and they waited until 1994 to submit their first report on what they were doing to comply with the treaty. Then for almost a decade there were no reports. Finally, after media pressure due to the 2010 explosion of child sex abuse cases in Europe and around the world they waited until last year and submitted one report.

So while children were continuing to be sexually abused, the vatican took its time. They actually said that the only country they are responsible for is the vatican state in the center of Rome where a total of 31 children under age 18 currently live. Given their lack of responsibility and history of child abuse there should be a law that no child should live that close to them.

David Clohessy of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) said that the vatican wants "to have their cake and eat it too" by changing their definition of the church, sometimes saying it was run from the top-down  and other times stating that only local dioceses have control over their employees.

"It's a shame that, once again, top Catholic officials successfully exploit legal technicalities to keep clergy sex crimes and cover ups covered up," Clohessy said. "The truth is that the Vatican oversees the church worldwide, insisting on secrecy in child sex cases and stopping or delaying the defrocking of pedophile priests."

Pope Francis: stop giving the faithful bread and circuses – give the children justice!



Friday, November 15, 2013

Pope Francis in mafia crosshairs

In our September 9, and October 20 posts we talked about the Vatican Bank and its dealings with terrorists and the mafia.  The cozy history of the vatican and the mafia is coming back to bite or do worse to pope francis.  Since the money laundering schemes have been in the news so often and because an investigation is ongoing by the European anti-money laundering committee Moneyval, pope francis has been verbal about how he will clean up the bank.

Francis called on the mafia to repent for “exploiting and enslaving people” in his sermons. Of course he “forgets” that under vatican protection abusive pedophile nuns and priests have been exploiting and enslaving children for 2,000 years. He never talks about those facts.

The pope’s defenses are supposed to be the best – he spends enough of our money on personal guards – but that might not be enough to prevent him from being a mafia target.

One of Italy's best known anti-mob prosecutors Nicola Gratteri, who has lived under police protection for nearly 25 years, said the “Jesuit Pope's” clean-up plans were upsetting powerful Italian crime organizations in Italy.

"I don't know if organised crime is in a position to do something, but certainly they are thinking about it. It could be dangerous (for the pope).” If the bosses could take him down they would not hesitate,” Gratteri told 'Il Fatto Quotidiano', an Italian daily newspaper.

The mafia donates money to the church, they sponsor catholic religious festivals and pay for local church repairs. They even pay to be buried on church property (see post August 10). So the mafia has always expected the church to keep silent and support their money laundering and other banking activities.

Asked if the mafia would dare try to assassinate the pope, Antonio Nicaso, an expert on organized crime in Italy told CNN, "There are so many ways to kill a pope. They have to be careful. But in the history of organized crime, whenever they had to remove an obstacle, they never thought about the consequences." 

Friday, November 1, 2013

What does the shooting spree at Los Angeles International airport have to do with pedophile catholic priests?

Today John (Kip) Heeney passed away. He was a survivor that lived a troubled life as a result of being sexually abused by a Catholic priest when he was a student at Salesianum High School in Wilmington, Delaware.  

Today a young man, 23 yrs. old shot and killed a transit officer at Los Angeles airport and wounded two others.  This what the article said about the killer:

He was identified later by the FBI as Paul Anthony Ciancia, a 23-year-old from Los Angeles. He graduated in 2008 from Salesianum School, an all-boys Catholic school in Wilmington, Delaware, according to school President Brendan P. Kennealey.

I wonder if going to that school had anything to do with what this person did.  It seems like more than a coincidence.  What do you think?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Leader of Poland’s Catholic Church blames children for being sexually abused by priests

Archbishop Jozef Michalik of Poland said that a child from a troubled family "seeks closeness with others and may get lost and may get the other person involved, too."  This is the mindset of the catholic hierarchy and it is not the first time the children have been blamed. How can we stop these crimes when their minds are warped?

Of course when there was an outcry from citizens and prominent politicians expressing outrage Michalik said he was misunderstood and apologized. According to reporters, Michalik had supported a parish priest convicted in 2004 of child sex abuse. One of the priest's victims said she was horrified by Michalik's latest remarks. "Archbishop Michalik's words make us feel fear and revulsion," Ewa Orlowska said.

Poland's church has been hiding cases of sex abuse since 2001. Some 27 Polish priests have been tried for sex abuse since 2001, but most of them had their prison terms suspended. Can victims get justice in Poland where there is no need to report priests to state investigators?

Over and over we hear a familiar cry from the church's defenders. They say that priests are being singled out for blame while teachers and sports coaches also sexually abuse children. Do they realize that statement is basically an admission that they are pedophiles? They are saying, “We do it but so does everyone else” – does that make it less of a crime?

The catholic clergy are experts at denial and lies. Dominican Republic investigators recently accused two Polish clergymen of child sex abuse: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, the Vatican's ambassador who was then removed by the vatican, and Rev. Wojciech Gil, a parish priest. Gil denied sexually abusing children and said that the Dominican drug mafia was taking revenge on him for his educational work.

Do all these child molesters think that we are naive and out of touch with reality? Do they ignore the growing global network that now watches every move they make? They are on a slippery slope that can only lead down to where they belong.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Iran and Iraq and other high risk countries have accounts in the Vatican Bank

In the September 9th  blog (below) I explained how the Vatican bank was laundering money and having dealings with criminals and other suspicious characters.  Now, we get more information from Reuters reporters that the scandals in the Vatican books are even worse than expected.

The Vatican bank is supposed to hold accounts only for organizations and individuals related to the catholic church or Vatican City. But there are accounts that should never have been opened: those of foreign embassies such as Iran, Iraq and Indonesia who regularly make large cash deposits and withdrawals. When the embassies of these high risk countries were questioned, they had vague explanation about why they were doing such transactions. In one case, a large cash withdrawal was said to be for "refurbishment" -- is that another name for supporting terrorists?

Iran, Iraq and Indonesia are classified by international institutions and governance bodies as countries at high risk of financial crimes. The Iranian and Iraqi embassies to the Vatican said they had no comment on the cash movements or the concerns raised by regulators. The Vatican bank also had no clear explanations.   I think these discoveries are only the tip of the iceberg – how many other “high risk” countries are involved with the Vatican bank and its political schemes?


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Suffering and pain is an art form for the vatican

I was recently in an art museum that had an exhibit by artists that were commissioned (paid) to create art work by the vatican. Looking at a large number of paintings there seemed to be a common theme: people suffering.
In countries where the vatican did not support artists, the paintings showed people doing everyday things like baking bread, sewing and tending sheep.  Why was there so much suffering and punishment in the church-directed paintings?  It’s because the church wants to frighten everyone – children and adults. Then they can more easily rape and abuse the children and rob the adults.

They were arrogant enough to write down what they did. In 1578 the church’s Inquisitors Handbook stated that punishment is not designed to correct the behavior of the person being punished – it is done in public so others “may become terrified.” Nuns and clergy with the pope’s “blessing” made examples of children, beating them in front of other children so that they are all terrified. A terrified child will submit more easily to further abuse. Worship of God should be joyful and make people happy.  The vatican hides behind God to further its own interests:  the use of children for their perversions and the misuse of donations from the faithful.  Let’s terrify the church by exposing the criminals and bringing them to justice.



Monday, September 30, 2013

N.J. priest in sexting sting thought he was talking to 16-year-old boy

N.J. priest in sexting sting thought he was talking to 16-year-old boy, wanted to meet

Here's another news article about a bishop covering up for a pedophile priest.  The reason bishops cover up for pedophile priests is that they have cardinals as role models and these cardinals, like Joseph Ratzinger before he was Pope Benedict and Jorge Bergoglio before he was Pope Francis who also covered up for pedophile priests.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) defended a pedophile priest just as Benedict (Joseph Ratzinger) did before him

Julio César Grassi is a priest convicted four years ago of molesting a 13-year-old boy in the late 1990s. He was sentenced to 15 years in jail. But until this week he was free. Why?  Because Pope Francis, the then cardinal Bergoglio headed up the Argentine bishops’ conference who secretly lobbied judges to allow Grassi to stay free while he appealed his conviction. Francis and his group said Grassi should go free and tried to discredit the victims.

Grassi founded Fundacion Felices los Niños (the Happy Children Foundation) in 1993, to rescue street children. The foundation cared for 6,300 children in 17 homes across Argentina from 1993 to 2002. Grassi did the opposite of caring for the children – he used the foundation to molest and rape them.

Grassi’s trial lasted for nine months, with testimony from 130 witnesses.  He was found guilty of two acts of aggravated sexual assault and corruption of minors in the case of “Gabriel.” He was acquitted of 15 other counts of abuse of two other boys.  Why was Grassi acquitted of so many counts of abuse? Right after he was found guilty in June 2009, Frances/Bergoglio approved the hiring of a leading criminal defense lawyer and legal scholar, Marcelo Sancinetti, and secretly authorized an extensive examination of Grassi’s prosecution.

Sancinetti’s report strongly stated Grassi’s innocence and denied that there was child sexual abuse. The report went to judges who had not yet given their decisions in the case.  It dismissed accusations against two of the victims and attacked the credibility of “Gabriel,” of whose abuse Grassi was convicted. The existence of this investigation and report commissioned by the bishops and Francis/Bergoglio was revealed in December 2011 by Juan Pablo Gallego, an attorney for the Committee for Oversight and Implementation of International Conventions for Children’s Rights, who had represented the victims at the trial. Gallego called the study a "scandalous instance of lobbying and exerting pressure on the Court" and accused the bishops of "further hindering a process that has outrageously granted the condemned priest a situation of almost unthinkable freedom."

Throughout the trial, Grassi said he was backed by many bishops, especially Francis/Bergoglio. Grassi said of Bergoglio that he “never let go of my hand [and] is always at my side.” Pope Francis has, for a long time, been a public supporter of the Happy Children Foundation, but he said little to defend Grassi publicly after his arrest. In a 2006 interview with Veintitres magazine, Bergoglio said that "justice will determine" Grassi's innocence, although "there is a media campaign against him, a condemnation in the media."  As usual, when the news is good, the Vatican praises the reporters. When they write something unfavorable they have a campaign against the pope

In 2010, the Criminal Appeals Court of Buenos Aires denied Grassi’s first appeal but again the local court ruled that he could remain free.  Although the prosecutor and victims’ attorneys tried to have Grassi detained, they were rejected twice in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Grassi’s bishop Luis Eichhorn asked the court if Grassi could live a house with a swimming pool and large park, on the same block as the Happy Children headquarters, where Grassi had assaulted Gabriel. The Court granted Bishop Eichhorn's request.

Early in 2013, the Criminal Court ruled that Grassi had violated conditions of his freedom by mentioning one of his victims in a TV interview. Grassi’s lawyers again appealed and finally, (September 19, 2013), the Supreme Court of Buenos Aires rejected Grassi's appeal and ratified his 15-year sentence. On September 23, 2013, the Criminal Court ordered that Grassi immediately go to prison to begin serving his sentence. It had taken 11 years after his arrest and four years after his conviction for him to start serving his term but he is still a catholic priest. Francis hasn’t changed that.
According to who documents the crisis of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church with more than 100,000 pages of church records, legal documents, and media reports it is disturbing that Francis lobbied for Grassi so recently (in 2009 and 2010).
Like BishopAccountability who summarized the case we are also wondering why Francis has talked publically about financial corruption in the church and the “poor and needy” but says nothing about the cover-up of clergy sex offenders by bishops and the suffering of the abused children. Like all the popes before him for 2000 years, will he continue to ignore the global issue of sexual abuse of children perpetrated by his priests and nuns?





Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI denies covering up priest abuse

The first time we hear from Joseph Ratzinger (alias retired pope benedict) he denies covering up priest abuse. There is overwhelming evidence from reputable sources that massive cover up is exactly what he did -- so his statement is worse than a lie.

To make himself sound even less believable, Ratzinger/Benedict also said that the abuse by clergy was not worse than in other organizations that have access to children (boy scouts, school coaches, etc).  Is he saying that because others molest and rape children that it is acceptable that priests and nuns do the same? By saying, “we’re not the only ones” he is admitting his guilt.

Jeff Anderson, a Minnesota attorney who defends victims told the Religion News Service he considered Benedict's responses "alarming and disturbing." The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) issued a statement saying: "The opposite of 'covering up' is 'uncovering' or 'disclosing,' We cannot name one predatory bishop, priest, nun, brother or seminarian who was publicly exposed because of Benedict."

Benedict also denied a claim that abuse is widespread in the catholic church.  Where is the proof that this is another lie?  Read the news articles, the legal testimonies, the horror stories by the victims (  Just a few examples:

Before Ratzinger was pope he was a cardinal and head of the vatican’s congregation for the doctrine of the faith whose supposed job was to “defend those points of Christian tradition which seem in danger because of new and unacceptable doctrines.”  He spent his long career ensuring that the rape and abuse of children by clergy was never reported to the authorities.  It was his job to discipline pedophile priests. His “punishments” included giving them jobs away from children (promotions in some cases) or moving them to another parish. Those that were promoted had more opportunity to continue their abuse and hide other priests doing the same atrocities.

Peter Hullerman in 1980, was a known pedophile priest accused of kidnapping and raping an 11-year-old boy. Ratzinger sent him for psychiatric therapy and back to work within a few days. Ratzinger then personally oversaw the transfer of Hullerman from one diocese to another in Germany where he was later convicted for molesting boys in another parish.

Ratzinger knew about the sexual abuse of 200 boys from 1950 to 1974 at st. john's School for the Deaf outside Milwaukee. He called off internal punishment of the accused priest, Lawrence Murphy. These crimes are described in a documentary film, "Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God." Barbie Latza Nadeau of the Daily Beast reviewed the film (9/9/12) that “the Holy See doesn’t want you to see.”  She said:

“…it should be compulsory viewing for all Catholics, whether they blame or defend the church, for its clarity and insight into just who holds responsibility for decades of child abuse at the hands of clergy.” said Nadeau.  Of course the Vatican had no comment.

In Oakland, CA youth ministry priest Stephen Kiesle’s colleagues found him to be molesting children; they wanted him defrocked but the future pope benedict XVI would not act on the case  for six years, while Kiesle still worked with children. The vatican even confirmed that ratzinger's signature was on letters about the case.
The Seattle Times wrote (April 9, 2010) that the letter may be the strongest challenge yet to the vatican's insistence that benedict played no role in blocking the removal of pedophile priests during his years as head of the church's watchdog office. Do we know how many more children were molested during those six years?  In his letters, ratzinger asks for “very careful review and more time. Time to molest? Ratzinger said he was concerned about the "good of the universal church" and about the young age of Kiesle, that punishment would ruin his reputation. How young were the victims and did he care about their lives?

Finally, after leaving the priesthood, Kiesle was arrested and charged in 2002 with 13 counts of child molestation from the 1970s. All but two counts were thrown out after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional a California law extending the statute of limitations. He pleaded no contest in 2004 to a felony for molesting a young girl in his home in 1995 and was sentenced to six years in state prison.

Was he ever sorry? More than a half-dozen victims reached a settlement in 2005 with the Oakland diocese saying Kiesle had molested them as children. "He admitted molesting many children and bragged that he was the Pied Piper and said he tried to molest every child that sat on his lap," said Lewis VanBlois, an attorney for six Kiesle victims who interviewed the former priest in prison. "When asked how many children he had molested over the years, he said 'tons.'”

There are many more instances of ratzinger/pope benedict refusing to take steps to protect children. According to Dave Altimari writing in The Hartford Courant (8/4/12), just days before joseph ratzinger was elected pope in 2005, the Norwich, CT diocese bishop requested that a priest, Thomas Shea, who sexually abused at least 15 girls in 11 different parishes be defrocked – Ratzinger did nothing about it. As a priest in good standing, Shea received a pension of about $15,000 a year and all of his health insurance costs, including his nursing home bills were paid for by the church.  Altimari included a quote: "No Catholic official on the planet has more power or knowledge about clergy sex crimes than Pope Benedict. Yet he still takes virtually no steps to help and sometimes, like this case, takes steps that hurt.''

You can decide whether Benedict/Ratzinger's words today reflect the documented history of what he previously said.



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Church abuses victims of childhood sexual abuse by blocking law to protect them

John Hrabe, an investigative reporter for Huffington Post, San Francisco is betting that Jerry Brown, governor of California will sign into law a bill (SB131) to give victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to file lawsuits against the organizations like the catholic church who allowed those crimes to take place. Whether Brown, a former Jesuit seminary student (who decided not to become a priest) signs the bill or not will not be known until October.
Lawmakers in government have been trying to block this effort to aid sexual abuse victims.  Why? The answer is money, says John Hrabe.  Organizations that protected and covered up for abusers of children don’t want to be held liable for what they did. According to Hrabe, catholic dioceses in California have already spent $1.2 billion in abuse settlements and would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lobbying campaign to block the bill to avoid more settlements. They hired five lobbying firms who distorted the facts and spread misinformation about SB 131.

William A. Donohue, a spokesperson for the church and president of the catholic league for religious and civil rights, said: "In California, in particular, there has been so much progress that priestly sexual abuse has long since ceased to exist."  John Hrabe, couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He said, “Ceased to exist? Donohue doesn't understand that the threat of sexual abuse is ongoing. It never ceases to exist because there are always more predators. Victims will always face an uphill battle to be taken seriously. For that very reason, big institutions must remain ever vigilant and adopt procedures that encourage an ongoing discussion about sexual abuse.”
California Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, (R), the strongest opponent of the bill commented that it was supporting trial lawyers and just opening old wounds.  These words were strongly criticized by Joelle Casteix, a regional director for SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests).  Casteix said that these words were a “slap in the face to the brave victims” and that “the only way old wounds are opened is when abuse is kept secret and wrongdoers are allowed to continue in abuse and cover-up.”

So again, we have the church pouring money into abusing the already abused and protecting themselves. Where does all this money come from?  Hopefully not from the donations of those parishioners who still believe it goes for helping the poor and abused.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The pope and the Nazis –then and now

George Santayana, poet and philosopher once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  We won’t see the vatican writing press releases on their past friendship with Adolph Hitler or their present Nazi ties.  But if we don’t remember the past we will find ourselves in the same place, reliving the same horrors.

In 1933 the then pope, pius XI, decided that being a Nazi was better than being a communist because the church didn’t want to share its money and riches. The pope’s plan was to appease Hitler so that catholic clergy in Germany could keep their comfortable lifestyles. The pope’s ambassador in Berlin (Cesare Osenigo) said he was “jubilant” about Hitler's rise to power, hoping that Hitler’s new government would treat the German church as well as Mussolini treated the church in Italy.

Hitler knew that the pope and the church were greedy.  He said: “We should trap the priests by their notorious greed and self-indulgence…. They will swallow anything in order to keep their material advantages….”  (reference: The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany”, Guenter Lewy, 1964).

Because the church and Hitler were so cozy, everyone trusted Hitler and that allowed him to get more powerful.  He had enough time and fooled enough people so that crimes against humanity like the Holocaust could take place. This agreement between church and Nazi clearly showed the mindset of the church. The church sees itself as a “perfect society,” and responsible for protecting itself first – not its parishioners. As the head of the church, the pope is its chief protector – of the church, not of us.

The church and Nazi ties today

Yes, the church still has Nazi ties.  Nicole Winfield reported (09/16/11 Huffington Post) that Jewish groups are worried about the vatican’s relationship with a group of catholics, including a bishop, Richard Williamson, who denies that the Holocaust ever happened. This Swiss-based society of st. pius X  believes that Christ's death was the fault of all Jews and didn’t want to be under Vatican control. The previous pope benedict said that they could come back into the “fold” without having to give up their beliefs and lifted Williamson’s excommunication.

Does that mean the pope shared the same pro-Nazi beliefs?  This group is a danger because they have six seminaries, three universities and 70 primary and secondary schools around the globe. In addition to Williamson it has three other bishops, more than 550 priests and 200 priests in training. Are they training to incite another Holocaust?   The new pope doesn’t talk about these skeletons in the vatican closet.



Monday, September 9, 2013

Pope pressured to stop money laundering in the Vatican bank: Too little, too late

After many years of vatican bank money laundering, no financial transparency, disappearance of money, denials of blame, bank collapse, Mafia dealings and murder the new pope francis – under  a “recommendation” from the European anti-money laundering committee Moneyval  -- created a commission to look into the bank’s dealings.

Experts on money-laundering predicted that the Moneyval report would contain serious misgivings about whether the bank did anything to end “its reputation as a channel for Mafia profits of crime, arms deals and even the financing of terrorism.”  Moneyval said in a July 2012 report that the vatican still had a way to go.

For the past three years the previous pope tried to clean up bank dealings after evidence showed that the previous head of the bank, monsignor Angelo Caloia had expanded money laundering and was keeping secret accounts for favored politicians since the 1970s and 1980s.

Can the vatican really police itself? Look at their track record: 

1942: Vatican bank set up to finance works of charity worldwide. From the start activities of the bank were controversial and there were allegations of questionable movements of money and gold during and after the Second World War. 

1969: The vatican bank’s criminal business took off when lawyer, banker and Mafia don Michele “The Shark” Sindona was given the job of running it by his old friend pope Paul VI. Sindona used the bank to launder the Gambino Mafia family’s heroin profits. By the late 1970s Sindona and his bank were being investigated by Italian judges, prosecutors and politicians, several of whom were murdered. In 1986 Sindona, serving a 25-year sentence for murder, was poisoned in his cell by cyanide in his coffee.

 2010:  Italian investigators froze US$33 million in funds that the vatican bank put in an Italian bank because of suspicion of money laundering and less than legitimate vatican financial practices. The vatican bankers were “unable to respond” to a series of requests about questionable money transfers of $1.5 billion from the account in a short period of time. The money freeze was lifted in June 2011 but the investigation continued.  JP Morgan became nervous after Italian investigators found the account in a Milan bank and began to question vatican officials. Not getting good answers, it then closed the Milan account, saying anti-money laundering regulations did not permit its continued operation.

2012 (March 8, Philip Pullella, Reuters) reported that the U.S. State Department added the vatican to its list of money-laundering centers because of the large amount of international currency handled by a very secretive vatican.

Still At It

June 2013: The new pope has incentive to do something since there is a new money-laundering case: a Holy See monsignor Nunzio Scarano, withdrew more than a half-million euros in charitable donations (yes, yours!) from the bank and then used the money to pay off his personal mortgage. Also, Italian prosecutors are investigating two former vatican bank top executives on suspicion of repeatedly breaking Italian money laundering laws.

The vatican doesn’t want transparent financial records; they want to keep secret the bank’s 35,000 accounts, $7.5 billion in assets and the $55 million a year that the banking business produces for the church. These figures may just be the tip of the iceberg because no one really knows the total wealth of the church.

Does an organization like this care about the poor, abused and abandoned of the world? Do they use the contributions from millions of Catholics to help people – or to fatten their wallets? In the daily news the new pope has lots of distractions for the faithful while he slams the door on auditors who want to see what he is really doing with our money – just like he slams the door on survivors of nun and clergy abuse. The pope has time to meet with and tweet with everyone else except those who suffered the most.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fresh prey for pedophile nuns and priests: Africa and Asia

Why are there so many catholics when almost all of them can tell a story of some type of abuse by nuns or priests?  I spoke with a man from Ghana about his childhood.  His village was poor and they were always hungry.  The only regular source of food – powdered milk, rice and beans – came from the local catholic church.  He said that of course his mother took him by the hand and brought him to the catholic church – as did all of the mothers in the village.  He was lucky; his family was able to come to the U.S. One of the first things his mother did was leave the catholic church and become a Methodist. He said, “we had no choice as children, we were led by the hand to the catholic church but it wasn’t what we wanted to do.”
Many people tell me that they were raised catholic but don’t practice today or are of a different faith. The catholic church is continuously losing members all over the world – except in Africa and Asia. Why? These are the countries where no one yet knows the truth about their pedophile ways – most villages don’t have internet connections.  The nuns and priests can find new victims among unsuspecting women and children. They want young people – new blood. In these Third World countries missionaries search for victims in isolated villages where no one will notice their unimaginable crimes or hear the cries of the victims.

The abusive treatment of children by the church is the longest that a criminal activity has been going on that is organized by a single institution. The catholic church invaded the United States, England, Australia, Ireland and every country across Europe. When they started getting caught and convicted they switched to Africa and Asia for fresh prey.   There are many of you who left the catholic church for your own reasons --- please let me know if you did and why so we can share this information with the world.  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The pope wore Prada: where our donations really go

Those of us who were abused by priests and nuns are not rich: we have disabilities and no or inadequate medical coverage. For sure we don’t have luxuries – but the pope (past and present) uses our donations for his enjoyment.

A photograph of the pope’s desk in his private library shows a gold lamp, a gold writing tray, a gold clock – all real gold. There a Grand piano in his private quarters. The pope is dressed in silk and gold embroidered clothing. He is well fed and pampered and protected.  He has the best medical and dental care. He sits on a golden throne. Are these the “good works” that the church professes to do with our money?

The previous pope was called the “Prada Pope” named after the maker of the expensive shoes he wore. The shoes cost $640 a pair, but the pope said he got them for free. What a poor excuse – he could have asked Prada to make a few dozen shoes for poor children or homeless people instead.  

Along with slippers made of red velvet or silk and heavily decorated in gold braid with a gold cross in the middle, the pope wears a mozzetta or cape: in the summer it is red satin; in the winter red velvet trimmed with white ermine fur; and at Easter it is white damask silk trimmed with white fur. The current pope has opted for plain dress in public, but what is he wearing behind closed Vatican doors? Do popes need gold, velvet, silk and ermine before they can talk to God?

As reported by ABC News (Phoebe Natanson, 3/15/12) pope benedict had the Italian celebrity perfume-maker Silvana Casoli, create a custom-made perfume scent for him alone. Did he smell to high heaven? We know there is something rotten about a religious organization that uses donations to ensure that they live well.

It takes a lot of money to run the vatican: electric, phone and heating bills, landscaping, laundry, toiletries, supplies, etc. The vatican gardens are 57 acres of flowers, trees, lush lawns, decorated with fountains and sculptures and surrounded by stone walls –how many gardeners do they pay? The vatican fertilizer bill must be really high and we pay it. For the pope and vatican clergy there are costs for medical and dental care, clothes and shoes, substantial meals, the security of a roof over their heads. What do the abused children and devastated adults have?

The pope has insurance of his personal safety: a personal Swiss Guard with 134 men.   They are armed with small arms and the traditional halberd -- a pike with an axe on it and are trained in body-guarding tactics. So we pay for the bodyguards of the pope and his cardinals -- but they don’t guard the children and protect them from being raped and beaten by priests and nuns. The new pope Francis is an expert on distraction – he doesn’t want us to think about how they are spending our donations or the $3 billion the church has already spent defending pedophile priests. We should demand accountability before we give them another penny.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pope Francis has private meeting with Italian soccer superstar Mario Balotelli but forgets about the children


So the pope has time to invite soccer teams to Rome and have a meeting with one of them. However, like pope benedict before him, he doesn’t have time to meet with members of organizations that want to protect children from rape and abuse by priests and nuns. Why doesn’t he talk with Barbara Blaine of SNAP (survivors network of those abused by priests) or other child advocate people?  He is giving everyone the usual bread and circuses while the children are abandoned to suffer and die.  When will the world realize that the catholic church cares only for itself and its image.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vatican grave sites sold to mobsters: what happened when the pope got caught?

Last time we talked about Vatican money-laundering and mentioned that a mobster was buried on Vatican property.  Enrico "Renatino" De Pedis a mobster was buried in the vatican’s basilica dell'Apollinare. The police thought that the missing girl (see 8/8/13 blog) or clues to her disappearance would be found in the tomb.  In May of 2012 CNN’s Barbie Latza Nadeau reported that the vatican allowed the mobster’s body to be exhumed. In the crypt, in addition to De Pedis' body, investigators found dozens of boxes of human bones.

The vatican would not explain why a mobster is buried in a vatican church but moved the body to a regular cemetery a month later. According to the article, De Pedis was gunned down in Rome in 1990 and his body was moved to the basilica before 1997. Either the vatican burial was part of a secret deal for a massive loan De Pedis made to the vatican or it was to protect his tomb from being desecrated by rival gang members. Since May 2012 there has been no news regarding the investigation of the human bones. The news just stopped dead.

Think before you take a trip to Rome and the Vatican.  The pope and all his followers have total legal immunity in Italy – the Italian government allows it.  So they can do anything they want: murder, torture, kidnap, detain you – there have been many disappearances and many unanswered questions.  More about Vatican relationships with organized crime and secret financial deals in the next blog.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Business criminals hiding behind God: the Vatican bank

So Pope Francis today has decreed that the Vatican's internal watchdog, the Financial Information Authority (FIA), will have increased powers of supervision over the Vatican bank and other Holy See departments involved in financial activities.  This is like having the wolves watch the sheep.

There have been so many instances of money laundering by the Vatican and other suspicious financial activities that self-policing is not the answer.

In 2010 the Christian Science Monitor investigated vatican money laundering. An American archbishop, paul marcinkus who was head of the bank then was charged as an accessory to fraudulent bankruptcy following the disappearance of $1.3 billion in loans to be given to institutions in South America. Money just disappears and they don’t have to open their accounting books to anyone.

Marcinkus was linked to another disappearance.  The Huffington Post, (4/14/12) reported on the unsolved case of Emanuela Orlandi who disappeared in 1983. Her father was a lay employee of the holy see. An anonymous caller told police that Emanuela was kidnapped on orders from Marcinkus, to keep her father Ercole Orlandi quiet.  It was thought that her body would be found in a church tomb but when it was opened but it wasn’t although a mobster was buried there (another blog topic to come). Ercole had stumbled upon sensitive documents that tied banker Roberto Calvi (later found hanged in 1982) to an organized crime syndicate.

Marcinkus was also indicted as an accessory in the $3.5-billion collapse of the vatican bank’s associated Banco Ambrosiano, Italy’s largest private bank, which was used to launder drug money for the Sicilia mafia while the holy see was the main shareholder. Banco Ambrosiano’s head, Roberto Calvi, had close ties with the holy see (the pope and his entourage) and was called “God’s Banker.”  Calvi’s murderer was never found. Marcinkus avoided trial because of diplomatic immunity.

Money laundering, murder and kidnapping.  This is only one example. There are so many more examples that I will have to continue them on the next blog.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Release of secret church files shows widespread abuse of children in Los Angeles

Hundreds of pages of secret church files were released yesterday by religious orders documenting that a dozen of their priests, brothers and nuns were accused of sexually abusing children while working in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Several dozen more files are expected to be released this Fall.  This is part of the wave of evidence that is sweeping over the country and around the world -- it is becoming a tsunami that will crush the walls of secrecy that the church has build around itself.  I am sure we will see many other cases where the church's crimes against children will be exposed for all to judge.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catholic nuns do more than abuse children: they murder them

You don’t hear about nuns or priests murdering children because the children died and neither they nor their families talked. Rarely, a child escapes with his life or a murder is witnessed.  At three and a half years old I was living at the St. Agnes home for children in Sparkill, New York. It was run by Dominican nuns. One of them smothered me with a pillow and thinking I was dead, called an ambulance. I wasn’t dead but in a coma that lasted almost a year and I am permanently brain damaged.  Gilbert Bonneau was also smothered with a pillow like I was -- by a nun at St. Colman’s home in Watervliet, New York. He was in a coma and died – but there was a witness who saw the nun straddle Gilbert and smother him.  This eye witness who was physically abused by the nuns is still alive. He relives this evil and it has ruined his life. Gilbert’s family has tried for years to get justice for Gilbert but haven’t succeeded because of a church that knows no mercy.  We will never know how many children were smothered by nuns or if they are still killing children in isolated places like church-run homes and Third World countries. If you know of children who died while being “cared” for by nuns or clergy please speak out – it’s the only way to stop them.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013: Catholic Church Bans Child Sex Abuse in Vatican

The new pope passed a law saying that children would no longer be physically or physically abused -- but this law is only in effect on vatican property! What about the rest of the world! The talk show host on youtube video above calls this "window dressing" -- what do you think?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Child abuse by the catholic church

There have been 2000 years of child abuse by the catholic church. Crimes against children by pedophile priests and nuns will continue until we take action.

The catholic church was and still is abusing children with one hand and covering it up with the other hand. I know about the abuse because I was one of the victims of their violence that left me permanently brain damaged. For years I suffered and silently dealt with the pain. With the help of my wife I was finally able to put the pain into words. We need to talk about this abuse of children and the adults they became. We need to help each other and do whatever is needed to STOP the evil abusers.   

Speaking out is the best weapon we have against an organization that:
Gets away with murder and rape of children including the deaf and autistic

Receives donations, tax breaks, and legal immunity worldwide while running businesses for profit, paying no taxes and declaring bankruptcy when convenient

Launders money, hides income, “loses” $1.3 billion in donations meant for Third World countries.

Uses your donations to defend and bail out convicted pedophile priests

Sends priests and nuns to comfortable retirement homes and vacations at a beachfront home worth $6.2 million and popes to a palace on a lake in Italy.

Has vatican staff, including priests that are part of a prostitution ring. (link available if interested)
The catholic church does many other devious, criminal acts.  The worst thing it does, however is to:

Hide behind God to deceive us.

Please send me your thoughts and ideas.