Friday, February 28, 2014

Pope Francis doesn’t want these Silent Sisters to talk

Here is a link to a video about the nuns that know but won’t tell what was done to innocent children.  Thank you Cait Finnegan for posting the link on the SNAP blog.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Newark parishioners pay for Archbishop’s luxury retirement home: Pope Francis is ignored

Newark Archbishop John J. Myers spends his weekends at his 4,500-square-foot home on 8.2 wooded acres at the end of a private drive in the hills of Hunterdon County, NJ. With five bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a three-car garage and a big outdoor pool, it’s valued at nearly $800,000. The home, built in 1989, has property taxes of $18,695 last year -- before the addition.  But that’s not big enough or fancy enough for Myers.

So he is building a three-story, 3,000-square-foot addition which will be ready for his retirement in two years, according to the NJ Star-Ledger. The third floor will house a 28-foot by 28-foot gallery with sweeping views of the property and a fireplace on each level said the Ledger. A "wellness room" will connect the main house and the addition. It will include a hot tub and a 14-foot by 7-foot Endless Pool, where Myers can swim in place.
Who is paying for all of this luxury?  We are of course!  Myers’ spokesman, Jim Goodness, said that money for the addition will come from the sale of other church-owned properties – like churches and schools. Donors also have contributed to the project, Goodness said but wouldn’t tell which properties are being sold or how much was received in donations. While the property will revert to the church once Myers knocks on the pearly gates, there will probably be other greedy clergy to take his place.

"Archbishop Myers obviously is not paying any attention to the pope,"  Charles Zech, faculty director of the Center for Church Management and Business Ethics at Villanova University’s business school thinks that Myers is not listening to Pope Francis’ admonishment for clergy to live a simpler lifestyle. "This is extreme, way beyond what you’d expect to happen. I can’t believe the parishioners of Newark are going to allow this to happen," said Zech.
A parishioner, Joan Rubino, was furious when told about the work on the home. Rubino, who who regularly contributed to the archbishops’ appeal for funds — called Myers a "hypocrite." She said, "To ask people to make sacrifices and then to live in a sumptuous residence, it makes me very annoyed. Isn’t there a better use for this money? In plain English, I feel like people are getting screwed."

"This is taking money out of the pockets of parishioners," Zech said. "Current revenue and past revenue at one point all came from parishioners. If he thinks he can sell property and use it for his own extravagant needs, it’s mind-boggling."
Myers isn’t the only clergy with rich tastes. The pope suspended the bishop of Limburg, Germany, in October for spending $42 million to renovate his residence and other church buildings. The German press called the free-spending cleric the "Bishop of Bling."

The current Metuchen NJ bishop, Paul Bootkoski, contributed a portion of his own savings toward the purchase of a future retirement home near Lake Mohawk in Sussex County, The diocese picked up the remainder of the cost, but would not provide the precise amount. The diocese closed on the home for $471,000 last year, property records show.
Earlier this year, Camden Bishop Dennis Sullivan came under fire after using diocese funds to buy a historic 7,000-square-foot home in Woodbury. The house, with eight bedrooms and six bathrooms, cost $500,000. The bishop said he would share the house with two other priests – how generous of him.  What about a three bedroom apartment in a senior citizen home?

Most of us can’t even retire and certainly will downsize our homes and lifestyles. Living in luxury is not on our horizon, especially if we donate money to support life styles of the rich and famous clergy.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another cardinal hides under Pope Francis’ robes

Here we go again: the church pays off victims of clergy sexual abuse with our money, the Cardinal protects the priest and keeps evidence from the police. The Cardinal goes free.
The Los Angeles Roman Catholic archdiocese agreed to pay $720 million to clergy abuse victims.  Internal files were released that showed Cardinal Roger Mahony shielded priests and ordered an underling to withhold evidence from police, but Mahony and other archdiocese leaders are unlikely to face criminal charges.  The Cardinal exchanged money for the key to a jail cell.  
For Cardinal Mahony and other church hierarachy their priorities were to protect priests, keep parishioners in the dark and defend the church's image. Suffering children were not even on their radar.
What did the priest do?  Nicolas Aguilar Rivera sexually abused 25 altar boys, a young priest in training and100 additional children in Mexico both before and after he “served” in Los Angeles. He was defrocked in 2009 after victims’ attorneys in Los Angeles filed the first of their lawsuits.
Where is the defrocked pedophile now?  He fled to his native Mexico in January 1988 after Mahony's top aide, Monsignor Thomas Curry, tipped him off about complaints from parents and warned that the church would call police. The complaints came in on a Friday, and Curry met with the priest Saturday morning. Police weren't notified until Monday. By then, Aguilar Rivera was gone.
Aguilar Rivera remains a fugitive and is believed to be somewhere in Mexico. U.S. authorities have an arrest warrant pending and could arrest him if he returns to American soil.  What about the Mexican children? God help them.
As is usual for all pedophile enabler clergy, Cardinal Mahony was rewarded for his efforts. After giving his trial deposition last year, he went to Rome and helped elect the new pope. A month ago, he celebrated Mass with Pope Francis at the Vatican before having a private meeting with him. What does this say about the catholic church, the pope and the college of cardinals who elect the pope – that pedophile priests are more important than innocent children.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Petition on Obama’s website to have rapist priests registered as sex offenders

This link is for the website “We the People” set up by the Obama Administration to allow U.S. citizens to create petitions on topics of the people’s choice.  It sounds like a good idea but before the Administration will look at it there must be 100,000 signatures on the petition. When it gets to 150 signatures it is searchable.  For most people, especially those who are abused or disadvantaged or disabled it is too difficult to get all of the signatures and that is the comment I sent to the Whitehouse.  Does Obama want that many signatures because it is a significant number of voters and then it’s important to the Administration?

That said, I am trying to get as many people as I can to sign the petition that asks to have all rapists (including priests) registered as sex offenders. Maybe if that was the law what happened to me and to thousands of other children would not have happened.  Here is what the petition says:

we petition the obama administration to:
To have all rapist; Registered Sex Offenders;"

 The authorities, parents etc. are telling children" if someone touches you inappropriate speak up" tell somebody. When we were growing up" no one talked to children about these things" if someone touched us in a private area; our own parents wouldn't even speak to us about sex. Also back in the day" if we said that a Catholic Priest, touched us" in our private area; nobody would believe us. Here we are "this is 2014" and still we are back in the day.

There is so much evidence; to prove that the Catholic Priest raped Children;" (they are rapist) and still till " this day in 2014 the Catholic Priest are not treated like any other rapist;" Why ? they are still out there to rape again. All rapist should be Registered Sex Offenders

Created: Feb 17, 2014



Friday, February 14, 2014

Pedophile priest escapes trial as Pope hires expensive lawyers

How is it possible for a repeat child molester, using his status as a priest as a cover-up to stay out on the streets preying on unsuspecting children?  The catholic church makes it possible and has been doing the same thing for many decades.

Davis Clohessy, St. Louis, Director of SNAP*, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests  ( gave an example how this happened in a Missouri case. 

SNAP, started 26 years ago by Barbara Blaine, a survivor of clergy abuse is the largest, oldest and most active self-help group for clergy sex abuse victims, whether assaulted by ministers, priests, nuns or rabbis. SNAP is a confidential, safe place for wounded men and women to be heard, supported and healed. SNAP works tirelessly to achieve two goals: to heal the wounded and to protect the vulnerable. The organization has more than 10,000 members and support groups meet in over 60 cities across the U.S. and the world.

The case was filed more than two years ago (2011). This week St. Louis City Judge Phil Heagney delayed (until July) this child sex abuse and cover up lawsuit against St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson and the priest, Joseph D. Ross (whose whereabouts are unknown).  Said Clohessy, “We are saddened by this callous decision. Once again, justice is being delayed because Catholic officials refused, time and time again over months, to obey a court order and because, at the very last minute, they brought in more expensive lawyers…”

From Pope Francis on down the Catholic officials’ hierarchy ladder, they claim to be changing how they deal with clergy abuse.  Not true. For decades, they've exploited every delay tactic possible, made litigation as tough as possible on victims, and obsessively held onto their secrets for as long as possible, and they still do all of the above right now.

Joseph D. Ross walks freely among unsuspecting families and helpless children. Says Clohessy, “And Catholic officials make no effort whatsoever to help police or warn parents, choosing instead to focus their energies and spend their money evading their moral responsibility and hiding their irresponsible actions.”

 How dangerous is Ross? Here is what he has been doing for at least the last 44 years:

The delayed lawsuit said that the molestation began when the female victim, was just five to six years old in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She is now 19 years old. The molestation took place while the victim was in Ross' “care” while her mother was in choir practice. The suit says the abuse took place in various rooms inside the church. 

In September 2008 Ross was arrested for this same crime in Arkansas, where he'd been living since his removal from the priesthood in 2002. In 2010 charges were dropped just before trial and the civil lawsuit was filed in Oct. 2011.

In 1988, Ross had pleaded guilty in St. Louis County Circuit Court to sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy in 1986. Ross had also admitted to police that he'd been arrested twice previously for sexual misconduct with adults, and that he was accused of molesting an 8th grade boy at a parish in the 1970s. He received two years’ probation. The archdiocese sent Ross to St. Luke Institute, a Maryland treatment center for priests with sexual disorders. Any psychologist will tell you that pedophilia is not curable. From there he was assigned to St. Cronan's catholic church. The lawsuit said that the archdiocese knew that Ross had a history of sexual abuse before he was ever assigned to St. Cronan's. Parishioners were not informed of his history of sexual misconduct, including the conviction.

Ross is not the only priest, ex-priest or nun sexually abusing children in their trust. The same facts have been repeated over and over. Always the catholic church, under the leadership of the pope, tries to stop justice for the abused. There are many more examples in my book and if you set a Google alert for “pedophile priest” you will get many more examples delivered to your inbox. It’s time we stop the predators – and that is what the mission of this blog is – to let you know what they did and what they do to our children and to us. If we don’t stop them who will?   


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catholic School mind invasion: the nuns follow the Pope’s design

Dwayne James Mitchell went to catholic school – it scarred him for life.  He speaks from experience and I hope that anyone with a child in catholic school will take her or him out before it’s too late. Here’s why:

 “The nuns in the Catholic School made it impossible for the "child" to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, a positive self-image, and the necessary talents, skills and abilities to be successful. The nuns made the child dependent on them for all thinking and reasoning. Everything was evaluated from the point of view of the "Catholic Philosophy of Life," which was always in alignment with the "Catholic Church," and "Catholic Religious Teachings." There was no room for "individual creativity" and / or "independent thinking." This restricted intellectual growth and development. It did not encourage free thinking, and looking at all of life's possibilities.

When the individual became an adult, the child still exists within the individual, and when they are faced with a challenge, that "inner child" controls what they are capable of doing within their life. They are always waiting for the "nuns to evaluate" what they are capable of doing. I have struggled with this issue throughout my life. When faced with a "challenge" I first think; --- "I do not have the ability to accomplish this task," --- then, I have to realize where this idea is coming from, ---- and then I have to shift my thinking, and go in a positive "I can do it direction!" ----- The Catholic Church, (through their evil nuns), has destroyed many young human beings, and it takes a "life time" for the individual to come to a realization of what went on, and how to overcome the programming of the nuns!  

The nuns and their negative programing have limited the lives of many people through their sick programming, but it was done out of design, and for the control over the individual. Recognize that major damage has been done to these people that cannot be seen by routine medical tests. ------ The human mind is a very delicate instrument. It is like a computer, in that a computer can be programmed to say that 2 + 2 = 5! --- We know logically that 2 + 2 = 4, but we can get a computer to come up with a different answer. ------ The nuns have done this very thing to young children, and this damage has carried over into their adult lives.

Everything about the Catholic Church is designed to control the individual. They make the individual believe that only the Catholic Church can save their soul. They tell the individual that "success," in the "here and now," is not important, but rather, "success" in the afterlife is all important, and that the Catholic Church has the "keys to heaven!" They tell the individual that it is their duty to support the Catholic Church, and to give until it hurts. My question was always "hurts who!" ---- I refuse to be a "slave to the Catholic Church, the nuns and the priests!" ----- I will attend any Christian Church that I desire, and I will participate in any and all parts of the service as I desire, and this includes receiving communion in any Christian Church, and I do not care what the Catholic Church, the nuns, the priest and / or the Pope thinks about my behavior! ---- From the time that I started Catholic School in 1948 I always felt that the Catholic Church, and its restricted form of education, was an anchor around my neck!  ----- Dwayne”

Dwayne is a teacher and motivator. He says, “I loved my teaching job. I went out of my way to help the students to not only learn my subject, but to also learn the other subjects in the school's curriculum.”  Let Dwayne know what you think, share your experiences about the nuns and catholic school.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Former nun condemns Pope Francis for letting pedophile priest run free

Mary Dispenza a former nun who was raped by a priest at age seven thinks that pope francis is more interested in good PR than in stopping priest abuse of children.  As Mary says, it is great news that the United Nations has condemned the Vatican and the bishops for violence, rape and sexual abuse against children (see January 20, 2014 post). Yes, the pope and his entourage are criminals because they transferred known pedophile priests from one unsuspecting parish to another and so allowed these crimes. Mary said, “It's shameful that in spite of Pope Francis' refreshing compassion toward the poor and downtrodden, to date he has not addressed the issue fully. Pope Francis is caught up in the shame and like most of his brother bishops, seems unwilling to say, “Enough is enough -- not ever again in our church will one of these little children be harmed."

Like many of the survivors including myself, Mary repressed the memories of abuse until she was in her 50s. The pastor of Mary’s parish suspected Father Rucker of "touching" little girls in 1947 but the bishop just transferred him over and over until 2002, when he was finally defrocked – that’s 50 years – five decades of abuse.  Thirty three women are now accusing him of child abuse – who knows how many more were abused? This is abuse that could have been prevented

A key point that Mary makes is that all the abuse was not in the past – that is what the Church would have us believe.  Mary says, “It lives on today. Pedophiles are still in the priesthood. Coverups of their crimes are happening now, and bishops in many cases are continuing to refuse to turn information over to the criminal justice system. Cases are stalled and cannot go forward because the church has such power to stop them. Children are still being harmed and victims cannot heal.”
Mary knows as I know (as written in my book) how many tens of thousands of children were, are and will continue to be abused. Because Pope Francis is the leader of the Church he must tell the bishops and all clergy and nuns down the ladder to put the safety of children first.

We, all the survivors that can speak up for ourselves -- and for those too damaged to speak call on Pope Francis  to take action:  report sexual abusers to civil authorities, release the criminal records,  order every bishop to immediately defrock any pedophile priest who has ever sexually abused children – keep them away from the children all over the world! 


Link to Mary’s article on CNN:



Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pope Francis the milkman: the parishioners drink Cool Aid

Saying that someone “drank the Cool Aid® today means that the person completely believes something without questioning it. This applies to certain catholics as described by my friend Dwayne.

Dwayne James Mitchell is a survivor of abuse by catholic school nuns. He is also a teacher and motivator, is ex-military and a person who has helped me deal with the abuse I suffered at the hands of the Pope's henchmen (and women).  I think Dwayne's words should be shared with others and we both would like you to share your thoughts with us.


1.) They are one dimensional people when it comes to their religion. ---- They DO NOT allow themselves to think for themselves. ----- They just accept blindly what the clergy tells them. (That is the way that they have been trained in Catholic School.) They never question. ---- They never take a stand!   

2.) They are afraid to disagree with the Catholic Church because they want their children to be educated in the local Catholic School. ----- They believe that a "Catholic School Education" equals a "high quality academic education." While there might be some exceptions in very expensive Catholic Academies, ---- the average Catholic School cannot come close to the curriculum offered by the Public School, especially in Technology areas. ------- In addition, Catholic Education is more about "indoctrination" rather than "education."

3.) They believe that the Pope will take care of them, and that he will eventually improve things within the Church, and in the process, make positive things happen. (The fact is that the Pope could "care less about the people," and he does not even know that they exist. ----- His goal is to milk as much money out of them as possible during their life time. ------ The management of the Catholic Church is there to "keep the faithful in line and on their knees with their check books open for the taking! ------ They could care less about the welfare and the quality of life of the people. ---- They want the "faithful" to be subservient to the clergy and the Catholic Church. ----- They NEVER want the faithful to feel good about themselves!  ------ They never wanted the faithful to have a "positive relationship with a positive / loving God." ------- For the Catholic Church to survive, the religious experience must be negative, and the Church needs to be in control at all times.

4.) They like the Catholic Service! ---- But they have never allowed themselves to experience the services and / or beliefs of other Christian Churches, because the Catholic Church does not allow them to visit and they are told and believe that the Catholic Church is right, and everyone else is wrong. ---- They believe that to listen to the message of other Christian Clergy or to disagree with the Church is a sin! ---- (They have a one sided belief of the Christian Religion, ----- the Catholic Side!)

5.) They are afraid to confront the issues in their own mind! ---- They are afraid to consider leaving the Catholic Church for another Christian Church because of family pressure. ------ (What would their family think?)

6.) The sexual and physical abuse of children is not a "big issue" with them because they were not abused as children, so as such, the system worked for them, and as long as they can work through the system with their children everything is "ok!"  (It is all about "ME" and "MY STANDING" with the local Catholic Clergy and the local Catholic School!) 

7.) They have the simplistic / non thinking attitude that states; ---- "I was born a Catholic, and I will die a Catholic!" ---- (It doesn't matter what the Church does, they will never challenge the actions of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Clergy. ----- they have "blind faith" and "blind loyalty" to the organization!  They are told that only the Catholic Church can save their souls.”

When I read what Dwayne wrote I ask myself: “Do I need a self-serving business organization to save my soul?  Can’t I pray to God in any church or any place I choose?  I believe I can, Dwayne believes it and I hope that you believe it.  We can do better with our donations than give it to an organization that will use it to pay high priced lawyers to defend its criminals. We can do better for our children and grandchildren than to send them to schools that will abuse them and turn them into unthinking robots. Let’s do it.