Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catholic School mind invasion: the nuns follow the Pope’s design

Dwayne James Mitchell went to catholic school – it scarred him for life.  He speaks from experience and I hope that anyone with a child in catholic school will take her or him out before it’s too late. Here’s why:

 “The nuns in the Catholic School made it impossible for the "child" to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, a positive self-image, and the necessary talents, skills and abilities to be successful. The nuns made the child dependent on them for all thinking and reasoning. Everything was evaluated from the point of view of the "Catholic Philosophy of Life," which was always in alignment with the "Catholic Church," and "Catholic Religious Teachings." There was no room for "individual creativity" and / or "independent thinking." This restricted intellectual growth and development. It did not encourage free thinking, and looking at all of life's possibilities.

When the individual became an adult, the child still exists within the individual, and when they are faced with a challenge, that "inner child" controls what they are capable of doing within their life. They are always waiting for the "nuns to evaluate" what they are capable of doing. I have struggled with this issue throughout my life. When faced with a "challenge" I first think; --- "I do not have the ability to accomplish this task," --- then, I have to realize where this idea is coming from, ---- and then I have to shift my thinking, and go in a positive "I can do it direction!" ----- The Catholic Church, (through their evil nuns), has destroyed many young human beings, and it takes a "life time" for the individual to come to a realization of what went on, and how to overcome the programming of the nuns!  

The nuns and their negative programing have limited the lives of many people through their sick programming, but it was done out of design, and for the control over the individual. Recognize that major damage has been done to these people that cannot be seen by routine medical tests. ------ The human mind is a very delicate instrument. It is like a computer, in that a computer can be programmed to say that 2 + 2 = 5! --- We know logically that 2 + 2 = 4, but we can get a computer to come up with a different answer. ------ The nuns have done this very thing to young children, and this damage has carried over into their adult lives.

Everything about the Catholic Church is designed to control the individual. They make the individual believe that only the Catholic Church can save their soul. They tell the individual that "success," in the "here and now," is not important, but rather, "success" in the afterlife is all important, and that the Catholic Church has the "keys to heaven!" They tell the individual that it is their duty to support the Catholic Church, and to give until it hurts. My question was always "hurts who!" ---- I refuse to be a "slave to the Catholic Church, the nuns and the priests!" ----- I will attend any Christian Church that I desire, and I will participate in any and all parts of the service as I desire, and this includes receiving communion in any Christian Church, and I do not care what the Catholic Church, the nuns, the priest and / or the Pope thinks about my behavior! ---- From the time that I started Catholic School in 1948 I always felt that the Catholic Church, and its restricted form of education, was an anchor around my neck!  ----- Dwayne”

Dwayne is a teacher and motivator. He says, “I loved my teaching job. I went out of my way to help the students to not only learn my subject, but to also learn the other subjects in the school's curriculum.”  Let Dwayne know what you think, share your experiences about the nuns and catholic school.