Friday, February 7, 2014

Former nun condemns Pope Francis for letting pedophile priest run free

Mary Dispenza a former nun who was raped by a priest at age seven thinks that pope francis is more interested in good PR than in stopping priest abuse of children.  As Mary says, it is great news that the United Nations has condemned the Vatican and the bishops for violence, rape and sexual abuse against children (see January 20, 2014 post). Yes, the pope and his entourage are criminals because they transferred known pedophile priests from one unsuspecting parish to another and so allowed these crimes. Mary said, “It's shameful that in spite of Pope Francis' refreshing compassion toward the poor and downtrodden, to date he has not addressed the issue fully. Pope Francis is caught up in the shame and like most of his brother bishops, seems unwilling to say, “Enough is enough -- not ever again in our church will one of these little children be harmed."

Like many of the survivors including myself, Mary repressed the memories of abuse until she was in her 50s. The pastor of Mary’s parish suspected Father Rucker of "touching" little girls in 1947 but the bishop just transferred him over and over until 2002, when he was finally defrocked – that’s 50 years – five decades of abuse.  Thirty three women are now accusing him of child abuse – who knows how many more were abused? This is abuse that could have been prevented

A key point that Mary makes is that all the abuse was not in the past – that is what the Church would have us believe.  Mary says, “It lives on today. Pedophiles are still in the priesthood. Coverups of their crimes are happening now, and bishops in many cases are continuing to refuse to turn information over to the criminal justice system. Cases are stalled and cannot go forward because the church has such power to stop them. Children are still being harmed and victims cannot heal.”
Mary knows as I know (as written in my book) how many tens of thousands of children were, are and will continue to be abused. Because Pope Francis is the leader of the Church he must tell the bishops and all clergy and nuns down the ladder to put the safety of children first.

We, all the survivors that can speak up for ourselves -- and for those too damaged to speak call on Pope Francis  to take action:  report sexual abusers to civil authorities, release the criminal records,  order every bishop to immediately defrock any pedophile priest who has ever sexually abused children – keep them away from the children all over the world! 


Link to Mary’s article on CNN: