Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pope Francis the milkman: the parishioners drink Cool Aid

Saying that someone “drank the Cool Aid® today means that the person completely believes something without questioning it. This applies to certain catholics as described by my friend Dwayne.

Dwayne James Mitchell is a survivor of abuse by catholic school nuns. He is also a teacher and motivator, is ex-military and a person who has helped me deal with the abuse I suffered at the hands of the Pope's henchmen (and women).  I think Dwayne's words should be shared with others and we both would like you to share your thoughts with us.


1.) They are one dimensional people when it comes to their religion. ---- They DO NOT allow themselves to think for themselves. ----- They just accept blindly what the clergy tells them. (That is the way that they have been trained in Catholic School.) They never question. ---- They never take a stand!   

2.) They are afraid to disagree with the Catholic Church because they want their children to be educated in the local Catholic School. ----- They believe that a "Catholic School Education" equals a "high quality academic education." While there might be some exceptions in very expensive Catholic Academies, ---- the average Catholic School cannot come close to the curriculum offered by the Public School, especially in Technology areas. ------- In addition, Catholic Education is more about "indoctrination" rather than "education."

3.) They believe that the Pope will take care of them, and that he will eventually improve things within the Church, and in the process, make positive things happen. (The fact is that the Pope could "care less about the people," and he does not even know that they exist. ----- His goal is to milk as much money out of them as possible during their life time. ------ The management of the Catholic Church is there to "keep the faithful in line and on their knees with their check books open for the taking! ------ They could care less about the welfare and the quality of life of the people. ---- They want the "faithful" to be subservient to the clergy and the Catholic Church. ----- They NEVER want the faithful to feel good about themselves!  ------ They never wanted the faithful to have a "positive relationship with a positive / loving God." ------- For the Catholic Church to survive, the religious experience must be negative, and the Church needs to be in control at all times.

4.) They like the Catholic Service! ---- But they have never allowed themselves to experience the services and / or beliefs of other Christian Churches, because the Catholic Church does not allow them to visit and they are told and believe that the Catholic Church is right, and everyone else is wrong. ---- They believe that to listen to the message of other Christian Clergy or to disagree with the Church is a sin! ---- (They have a one sided belief of the Christian Religion, ----- the Catholic Side!)

5.) They are afraid to confront the issues in their own mind! ---- They are afraid to consider leaving the Catholic Church for another Christian Church because of family pressure. ------ (What would their family think?)

6.) The sexual and physical abuse of children is not a "big issue" with them because they were not abused as children, so as such, the system worked for them, and as long as they can work through the system with their children everything is "ok!"  (It is all about "ME" and "MY STANDING" with the local Catholic Clergy and the local Catholic School!) 

7.) They have the simplistic / non thinking attitude that states; ---- "I was born a Catholic, and I will die a Catholic!" ---- (It doesn't matter what the Church does, they will never challenge the actions of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Clergy. ----- they have "blind faith" and "blind loyalty" to the organization!  They are told that only the Catholic Church can save their souls.”

When I read what Dwayne wrote I ask myself: “Do I need a self-serving business organization to save my soul?  Can’t I pray to God in any church or any place I choose?  I believe I can, Dwayne believes it and I hope that you believe it.  We can do better with our donations than give it to an organization that will use it to pay high priced lawyers to defend its criminals. We can do better for our children and grandchildren than to send them to schools that will abuse them and turn them into unthinking robots. Let’s do it.